2014-15 Key Accomplishments and Annual Report

MOHCD’s 2014-15 Annual Progress Report details the specific implementation of our 2014-2015 affordability and prosperity goals and ongoing efforts to preserve our City’s unique and treasured diversity. Examples of this work include, for example, our robust and in-progress public housing revitalization program; eviction defense actions that kept people in their homes; the launch of our Nonprofit Displacement Program to keep valued nonprofits in San Francisco; and our housing production schedule, which will bring us well over 10,000 new and rehabilitated units by 2020.

Below is a summary of MOHCD’s program and funding activities and accomplishments in Fiscal Year 2014-2015.
You may read more details in the MOHCD 2014-15 Annual Progress Report.



  • Secured HUD’s approval for financing the transformation of 3,480 public housing units under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program with:
    • $750 million+ in construction funds
    • $300 million in permanent loans
    • $500 million+ in tax credit equity
  • Introduced $310 million general obligation bond ballot measure for constructing and preserving affordable housing;
  • Financed $102 million in loans for 67 multifamily projects;
  • Issued $214 million+ in tax-exempt bonds helping 659 affordable housing units;
  • Assisted 81 homes for first time homebuyers through Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DALP);
  • Executed $28 million in 5 Local Operating Subsidy Program contracts that support 128 permanent supportive housing units.
  • Constructed 145 units with 51 units for formerly homeless families and Transition Age Youth on surplus City property;
  • Constructed or rehabilitated 941 units for low-income families, seniors and individuals;
  • Oversaw development of 311 new, permanently affordable units through the City’s Inclusionary Housing Program;
  • Started construction on the 1st and 2nd phases of HOPE SF’s Alice Griffith project;
  • Started construction on the 2nd phase of HOPE SF’s Hunters View project.
MOHCD 2014-15 Annual Progress Report



  • Launched Small Sites Program July 2014 and closed 2 Small Sites Program loans that preserved 24 units as affordable housing;
  • Launched Complete Neighborhoods Program for improving community facilities and public spaces in neighborhoods experiencing residential growth;
  • Launched Nonprofit Displacement Fund, a three-year initiative in collaboration with Northern California Community Loan Fund and San Francisco Arts Commission;
  • Introduced Neighborhood Preference legislation for affordable housing
  • Expanded Ellis Act Housing Preference to include residents impacted by Owner Move-in evictions;
  • Issued 64 new Certificate of Preference (COP) certificates; assisted 18 COP households in accessing affordable housing;
  • Issued 63 Ellis Act Housing Preference (EAHP) certificates; 32 EAHP households secured housing;
  • Funded eviction prevention services helping 1,620 tenants avoid immediate eviction, 3,770 tenants referred to attorneys, and 732 tenants received rental assistance;
  • Saved 27 homes from foreclosure, and provided Foreclosure Counseling Program to 83 homeowners.
  • 4,970 low-income individuals received legal counseling and representation to protect their rights;
  • 2,105 low-income individuals were provided by information and referral services by their local neighborhood and community centers;
  • 1,454  low-income individuals received financial education to better protect their assets and increase their economic stability;
  • 1,808 homeless individuals were provided emergency shelter services;
  • Provided ongoing operation support to maintain 113 beds in residential community facilities for long-term chronically ill people living with HIV/AIDS;
  • 700 transitional age youth received life skills and other services;
  • 15 community facilities received needed construction and rehabilitation.


The full MOHCD 2014-15 Annual Progress Report is available with additional details about the accomplishments above.