Welcome to the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development Homeowner's Page. Being a property owner has its challenges. From maintaining your property to financing, MOHCD provides programs for homeowners needing:


MOHCD will permit the subordination of existing MOHCD junior loans if homeowners meet certain eligibility requirements. Homeowners MUST work with one of our approved lending officers when they refinance. You can find our current "approved lender list" HERE.

Homeowners do not need to contact MOHCD regarding their subordination requests. The "approved lending officers" and escrow officers they selected will contact MOHCD for subordination requests. Click HERE for Refinance/Subordination webpage.

MOHCD Loan Payoff

MOHCD Loans can be paid off before the loan term ends. Please click HERE to access the Loan Pay-off Checklist Packet and find out more infomration.

Capital Improvements

MOHCD encourages homeowners to maintain the quality of their housing units under programs like the Below Market Rate (BMR), City Second loan programs (CSLP) and former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) programs. Click HERE for more information on Capital Improvements and Special Assessments. 

Below Market Rate Inclusionary Housing Program

Click here if you are a current BMR owner under the Inclusionary Housing Program

Below Market Rate Condo Conversion Program

Click here if you are a current BMR condo conversion owner.

2017 Homeownership and Below Market Rate (BMR) Ownership Units Compliance Monitoring

Please note this information is temporarily under construction.

MOHCD monitors and require annual occupancy certification for all homeownership and BMR units. Owner(s) will be required to submit a monitoring and certification form provided by MOHCD and submitted on a date and at a location determined by MOHCD. The report provides information regarding occupancy status, changes in title, and any other information MOHCD may reasonably require monitoring compliance with unit’s specific planning approvals or other use restrictions.

SECURE EMAIL LINK to upload documents: http://sfgov.sharefile.com/r-r67d23d16318464eb


2015 CalHOME and LEAD Rehab Units Compliance Monitoring

2015 LEAD Certification Form A

2015 LEAD Certification Information: English, Español, 中文, Tagalog

2015 CalHOME / CHRP / CERF Compliance Certification Form

2015 CalHOME / CHRP / CERF Occupancy Certification Information: English, Español, 中文, Tagalog