Affordable Rentals: Alice Griffith Phase 1 & 2

Posting Date

October 6, 2016, updated on January 9, 2017

Type of Unit

Affordable Rentals


Name of Building

Alice Griffith Phase 1 and 2


2600 and 2700 Arelious Walker Drive, San Francisco, 94124

Number of Units

Alice Griffith Phase 1

34 Low Income Housing Tax Credit units


Alice Griffith Phase 2

34 Low Income Housing Tax Credit units


Number of Bedrooms

Alice Griffith Phase 1

11 1-bedroom units, 20 2-bedroom units, 3 3-bedroom units


Alice Griffith Phase 2

11 1-bedroom units, 18 2-bedroom units, 5 3-bedroom units


Number of Bathrooms

1 – 1.5

Square Footage

Alice Griffith Phase 1

1-bedroom units: 578-653 nsf

2-bedroom units: 826-884 nsf

3-bedroom units: 1,038-1,348 nsf


Alice Griffith Phase 2

1-bedroom units: 577-653 nsf

2-bedroom units: 845-909 nsf

3-bedroom units: 1,097-1,336 nsf



Year Built




Supervisorial District

District 10


BR Type                                            Monthly Rent

1                                                            $ 1,015

2                                                            $ 1,129

3                                                            $ 1,237


Maximum Allowable Annual Income Levels

Maximum Allowable Income Level of Households      

50% of Maximum Income by Household Size derived from the Unadjusted Area Median Income (AMI) for HUD Metro Fair Market Rent Area (HMFA) that contains San Francisco 2016

A one person household can make no more than $37,700

A two person household can make no more than $43,100

A three person household can make no more than $48,500

A four person household can make no more than $53,850

A five person household can make no more than $58,150

A six person household can make no more than $62,500

A seven person household can make no more than $66,800


Minimum Allowable Income Levels


Minimum income of two times the monthly rent.

1 bedroom – $2,030/month

2 bedroom – $2,258/month

3 bedroom – $2,474/month


Deposit Required for Move-in


1-bedroom: $1,015

2-bedroom: $1,219

3-bedroom: $1,237



Phase 1 and 2 to include 51 spaces each (of which 2 are dedicated as a car-sharing space), available by lottery rank order up to 1 space per unit.


Which, if any, utilities are paid by the building?

Trash, water, and sewer.

How are utilities paid by the renter?

Renter pays own utility bills directly.


Other fees and/or building rules


Credit/Background Check: $19 per adult

Bounced check/Late fee - $25


Building Selection Criteria


Applicants must qualify under the rules of the building.


Ability to pay rent standard – income of at least 2x the monthly rent


Credit Standard – Consistent record of timely rent payment during the last two (2) years. No material (exceeding $2500) reported delinquent consumer debt balances (excluding medical bills and student loans) within three (3) months of date of application or written off  (treated as bad debt) within one year of date of application; and no history of past due consumer debts within the last 12 months with balances older than six months.

Rental History Standard – No evictions in the last 2 years (not including no-fault evictions).


Criminal History Standard – Applicants with a criminal history will be considered in compliance with Article 49 of the Police Code.

Other – Subject to all LIHTC requirements regarding full-time student household status and applicable exceptions.


Please note, in compliance with Article 49 of the San Francisco Police Code, qualified applicants with criminal history will be considered for housing in compliance with Article 49 of the San Francisco Police Code, “The Fair Chance Ordinance.”


Minimum Household Size: Households must be at least as many people as there are bedrooms in the unit to apply.


Maximum Household Size:

1 bedroom – 3 persons

2 bedroom – 5 persons

3 bedroom –7 persons

(Children under six years old will not be counted towards the maximum household size.)



Contact Person

Alexis Robbins





How to obtain an application

Applications will be available Monday – Friday between 9am – 4pm at Dr. George W. Davis Residence at 1751 Carroll Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124.


Applications are also available in English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Tagalog on the MOHCD website at


If you need application assistance or information about available housing resources, please refer to the organizations listed in the SF Housing Resource Guide by clicking here:


Address to which applications should be mailed or delivered

Attn: AG Application

1751 Carroll Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


Applications can be mailed to, or dropped off Monday – Friday between 9am – 4pm.


Application deadline

Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 5pm.


Applications must be received in paper form (no faxes or emails) by 5pm on the date of the deadline. Postmarks will not be accepted.

Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.


Information Session

Wednesday, October 12, 2016; 6-8 pm

Bret Harte Elementary School, 1035 Gilman Ave, San Francisco 94124




Click here for lottery results: PDF iconAlice Griffith Phases 1 & 2 - Lottery Results 1.9.2017.pdf

Thursday, December 1, 2016 11am

Southeast Community Center, Alex J. Pitcher Community Room, 1800 Oakdale Avenue


Applicants do not need to be present at the lottery. Results will be posted to this webpage and within one week of the lottery.


Lottery Preferences

All individuals and households may enter the lottery.  Preferences will be implemented in the following order:


1) Households in which one member was or is a resident of the Alice Griffith housing development on or after October 26, 2010;


2) Hunters Point Certificate of Preference Holders


3) Western Addition Certificate of Preference Holders


*More information about the COP Program can be found here:


4) Households in which one member is Rent Burdened or an Assisted Housing Resident:

  1. Rent Burdened is defined as persons paying more than 50% of their income for housing. To prove eligibility, applicants must include a copy of their current lease agreement plus proof of the last 3 months rent payments (i.e. cancelled checks or debits from their bank account) with the application.  A Request for Verification of Rent will be completed post-lottery. This preference does not apply to Section 8 Voucher holders.
  2. Assisted Housing Resident is defined as persons residing in public housing or Project-Based Section 8 housing. This preference does not apply to Section 8 voucher holders. Applicants must include a copy of their current lease agreement with their lottery application.


5) Households in which one member holds a Displaced Tenant Housing Preference (DTHP) Certificate from the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, for up to 20% of the units in this project (36 units). DTHP certificate holders will also be included in the live/work preference regardless of their current live/work location. More information about the DTHP Program can be found here:


6) Households that submit acceptable documentation that at least one member lives or works in San Francisco.


If the number of units available exceeds the number of qualified applicants in the above listed preference, the units will become available to other qualified applicants outside of San Francisco. Applicants in each preference category must meet program requirements in order to complete the rental.