BMR Annual Monitoring Compliance FAQ

2011 Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
Compliance FAQ

Below Market Rate Ownership Units


  1. How does the 2011 occupancy certification process work?

The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) monitors to ensure that households who purchase below market rate (BMR) units remain owner-occupants.  MOHCD conducts these certifications on a regular basis not to exceed once per year.  This year, certification letters will be mailed on Thursday, June 23th, 2011 and responses are due by Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 5:00pm. The certification process takes about 3 months to complete.  MOHCD will contact you only if we need additional information.


  1. How do I submit my occupancy certification documents?

You may submit your certification form and documents by mail to: Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, 1 South Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 or by fax to: (415) 701-5501, Attn: MOHCD Compliance.


  1. Can I submit my documents electronically by email?

No.  MOHCD is unable to accept documents electronically by email.  Please fax or mail your documents as outlined in the answer to question 2, above.


  1. I lost my certification form, how do I get another one?

You may download a copy on MOHCD’s website at If you do not have access to the internet, you may pick one up at MOHCD’s front desk Monday through Friday between 8am – 5pm or your may contact MOHCD’s Compliance Team.  Please note that MOHCD is not able to accept walk-in inquiries to the office.


  1. I turned in my 2011 certification documents but haven’t heard from MOHCD.  When can I expect to hear from them?

MOHCD will not contact owners who have satisfactorily completed their certification for the year.  If your submittal was incomplete, MOHCD will contact you for additional information. 


  1. What documentation do I need to submit to prove that I still live in my home?

You must submit two pieces of documentation to prove that you remain an owner-occupant in your property, as follows.

·         At least one of your documents must be a recent utility bill, such as PGE, Cable or Internet, Water or Garbage.


·         Your other document may be either another utility bill or a household bill, or an official state or federal government mailed item, such as correspondence from the Social Security Administration, Veteran’s Administration, or Unemployment Award Letter.


·         ALL documents submitted must be dated within the last 60 days.


·         ALL documents submitted must show your mailing address and date.



  1. I have been renting my property, what should I do?

If you have been renting your property, please contact MOHCD immediately.  You will need to make arrangements to move back into the property or sell the property to a program qualified buyer.  MOHCD will work with you to establish a reasonable timeframe for bringing your property back into compliance.


  1. Some of my bills are in another person’s name.  What should I do?

MOHCD requires that you show at least two forms of proof that you currently reside in your property.  It is assumed that you will be able to furnish at least two bills that remain in your name.


  1. I only do business online and I don’t receive anything in the mail.  How can I submit my proof of residence?

MOHCD requires written proof of residence and cannot accept online printouts.  It is assumed that you will be able to furnish at least two household bills to prove your current residence. 

  1. Can I black out account numbers on my bill and/or proof of payment?

Yes.  You may black out (remove) your account numbers when submitting personal documents to MOHCD.  However, MOHCD must be able to read the mailing address, date and line item that apply to this certification.

  1. How can I contact MOHCD’s Compliance Team?

You may contact MOHCD’s Compliance Team in one of the following manners.  Please note that MOHCD is not able to accept any walk-in inquiries to the office.


Call us and leave a message:

Fax us:

Send us mail:

English:                    (415) 701-5622

Cantonese:  (415) 701-5623

Spanish:        (415) 701-5624

(415) 701-5501

Attn: MOHCD Compliance

Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development

1 South Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor

San Francisco, CA   94103

Attention: MOHCD Compliance


Links to the 2011 Below Market Rate Compliance Forms:


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2011 Occupancy Certification Form – Trilingual (PDF)


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