Certificate of Preference Displacement Addresses


Certificate of Preference Displacement Addresses:

As part of the implementation of redevelopment project plans in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (“Agency”) displaced individuals and families from some blocks and lots in the Western Addition A-2 and Hunters Point redevelopment areas.

The Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development is providing the following database of displacement addresses in an effort to help those persons research whether their families were displaced by the Agency and whether they may be eligible for a Certificate of Preference.

According to MOHCD's records, the Agency relocated the following displaced households from the following addresses between the dates of 1967 and 1975.

To help us determine if you are eligible for a Certificate of Preference, please remember the following:

  • The date range of displacement is generally between 1967 and 1975 in the City and County of San Francisco.
  • The displacement addresses apply to the Western Addition A-2 and Hunters Point areas.
  • To protect individual and family privacy, names and identifying information are not associated with the displacement addresses.
  • You may have lived at a listed address; however, if you did not live at the address when the occupants were displaced by Agency action, then you are not eligible for a Certificate.
  • Only individuals who resided in the displacement household at the time of displacement may be eligible with proof of residency.
  • Being “related” to someone who was displaced does not automatically make you eligible for a Certificate.
  • The Redevelopment Agency is not the Housing Authority and does not keep records of tenants displaced or relocated by the Housing Authority.
  • Maps indicate addresses taken from the displacement addresses and research. Maps provide a general location of addresses in relation to the building and are not to scale.
  • Maps should be used with the displacement address listings.

If you think you may be eligible for a Certificate, you may contact 415-701-5613 or submit a  PDF iconCertificate of Preference Search Request search request form by fax or mail.  Please attach the following form if you wish to authorize assistance in applying for the Certificate of Preference Program  PDF iconAuthorization Release of Information. You also have the option of completing the Certificate of Preference search request form online by clicking here. You cannot be confirmed as a Certificate of Preference holder unless the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development conducts a database search and confirms your Certificate eligibility.

No other agency or organization can verify your status as an individual displaced by redevelopment activities.

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Western Addition A-2 Displacement Addresses Map - *not to scale

Hunters Point Displacement Addresses Map - *not to scale



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