Estimated Valuation for MOHCD BMR Units (for Refinance Use Only)

Welcome to the MOHCD Below-Market-Rate Units (BMR) Valuation Page.

Here is a tool to provide an estimated BMR valuation for our subordination review on a MOHCD BMR unit.

You'll need to input two items: (1) The purchase price of the property; and, (2) The year of purchase. Both pieces of information can be found in the borrowers' Promissory Note and closing documents.


Enter your values below, then click the "Calculate" button:


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Please Note: The "Current BMR Valuation" above is FOR REFINANCE USE ONLY. It will not replace the actual reprice amount calculated upon resale of the BMR unit. It is also important to understand that the owner is not guaranteed this amount when reselling the unit. The value is simply the highest amount that the owner can charge the next buyer.