Can I buy a house in the affordable housing program?

To determine your final eligibility, you must work with a MOHCD-approved housing counselor. The counselors are familiar with our programs, and will help you plan and budget. has a list of organizations that provide these counselors.

In general, you can apply for housing in the affordable homebuyer program if you:

  1. Are a first-time homebuyer

    You can’t have owned any property anywhere within the last 3 years

  2. Are income-eligible

    Your household's total pre-tax (gross) income is compared to San Francisco's Area Median Income (AMI). PDF iconSee the 2017 maximum income chart by household size.

    Income eligibility differs between properties, but generally, it's 100% AMI. It can range from 80%-120% AMI. Please see each BMR listing or City Second listing for details

  3. Finished homebuyer education approved by MOHCD

    6-hours total of group workshops are provided by organizations through

    A housing counselor from the organization will then work with you 1-on-1. They’ll review your financial history and determine your final eligibility

  4. Are pre-approved for a loan by a MOHCD-approved lender

    We have different approved lenders for each program.

  5. Have enough in savings for closing costs and downpayment

    Your housing counselor will help you figure out how much you need.

  • See the 2017 maximum income chart by household size

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