Housing Rehabilitation & Lead Remediation

The Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development provides assistance to single-family homeowners and to owners of multi-family properties to rehabilitate property in need of repair and/or in need of lead remediation. We offer both grants and loans for these services with each program having its own qualifying criteria. Please read through the information carefully before contacting our office for assistance.

CalHOME PROGRAM - A program to assist homeowners of one to four unit properties to address code deficiencies, health and safety hazards, deferred maintenance, meet housing standards, remediate lead-based paint hazards, and to provide accessibility modifications. Loans are for low-income homeowners who are unable to secure conventional financing.

LEAD HAZARD CONTROL PROGRAMS - Provides grants to both single and multi-family homeowners to remediate lead hazards. Priority is given to properties with children under the age of 6.

Side by side comparison of the programs:


 Program Type of Product Eligible Applicant  Income Eligibility  Number of Units  Max. Amount of Funds  Terms and Interst Rates 
 CalHOME  Loan  Owner-Occupant HUD Low Income adjusted by household size (pdf) 1-4, work restricted to owner and common areas 105% of Loan to (post-work appraisal) Value

3% simple interest rate. 30 years or due at sale, transfer of title, or non-owner occupancy, whichever comes first.

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program Grant Property owners with low income tenants and low income homeowners HUD Low Income adjusted by household size (pdf) Single family homes and multi-unit properties $8,300 per unit N/A