Housing for Seniors and Disabled Persons / HOPWA


MOHCD has assisted in the development of projects containing units reserved for seniors (over age 55 or 62, depending on the project) or for persons with disabilities. Click on the PDF file below for a list of properties containing affordable rental units for seniors. You will have to contact each property for availability, income and rent information.

Click here to view a PDF listing projects with affordable rental units set aside for seniors and persons with disabilities. Each project maintains its own waiting list.  Please contact the projects directly for information about unit availability, rents and income limits.



The Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS or "HOPWA" Program is a federal program established in 1990 to address the specific housing and service-related needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families. San Francisco administers HOPWA funds for 3 counties within our eligible area: San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin. Each county makes their own decisions about how to spend their funds. San Francisco has funded 30 capital projects, including 5 licensed residential care facilities for people with AIDS, and rental assistance programs serving 400-450 recipients annually.

Most San Francisco HOPWA-funded programs take referrals from the Housing Wait List ("HWL"), which has been closed since YR 2000. For information about your status on the HWL, please call the Department of Public Health at 415-554-2690.

Some programs take referrals from the Section 8 and Shelter Plus Care Wait Lists.