How Income is Reviewed for Inclusionary Housing Program Units

Income Review Methodology

To understand how your income will be reviewed when applying for an Inclusionary Housing Program rental or ownership unit, please click here to review an excerpt from the most recent (2013) Inclusionary Housing Program Manual.

Review Your Own Household Income

For an informal self-analysis of your household income, click here and enter information for your household.  This information is informal and is only intended to give you a general sense of your household income under the Program.  Please do let your result discourage you from applying if you think that you are close to the income maximums for a certain unit.

Income Maximums by Household Size

To understand how much money your household can earn at a certain "Area Median Income" level, please click here to review an income table that shows maximum AMI percentage levels on the left and household size across the top.

Learn More About Housing Resources

Please review our housing resource guide to obtain more information on speaking with a housing counselor about your particular household.