Inclusionary Affordable Housing Fee Requirements

Effective November 1, 2016, the San Francisco Planning Department will be responsible for calculating the Affordable Housing Fee for any project seeking to pay the fee in-lieu of developing their inclusionary housing units on- or off-site of the principal project.  They will be entering it into the permit tracking system shared with the Department of Building Inspection rather than the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development issuing a fee determination letter.  The Affordable Housing Fee will be based on the current published Affordable Housing Fee Schedule available below and the Planning Department's website.  Sponsors should contact Kate Conner at (415) 558-6409 the Planning Department if there are any questions about the fee.

Important: Sponsors must make final payment of all development fees through the Department of Building Inspection (DBI). DBI must issue a report on all fees owed before sponsors can pay the Affordable Housing Fee or any other fee. Prior to issuance of the first building permit or, in the case where a site permit is issued, the first addendum authorizing construction of the project, a fee report will be issued. Payments for fees must be made at the Permit Center, DBI, 1660 Mission, 6th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, (415) 558-6131.