Inclusionary Affordable Housing Fee Requirements

Effective November 1, 2016, the San Francisco Planning Department will be responsible for calculating the Affordable Housing Fee for all Project Sponsors. The Planning Department will enter the fee into a permit tracking system shared with the Department of Building Inspection.  The Affordable Housing Fee will be based on the current published Affordable Housing Fee Schedule available below and also available on the Planning Department's website.  Sponsors should work directly with their assigned Planner to determine their fee due and contact Carly Grob at (415) 575-9138 for general questions regarding the fee. 

Important: Sponsors must make final payment of all development fees through the Department of Building Inspection (DBI). DBI must issue a report on all fees owed before sponsors can pay the Affordable Housing Fee or any other fee. Prior to issuance of the first building permit or, in the case where a site permit is issued, the first addendum authorizing construction of the project, a fee report will be issued. Payments for fees must be made at the Permit Center, DBI, 1660 Mission, 6th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, (415) 558-6131.


2017 Fee Schedule

Effective June 6, 2016, the fees below are applicable to all developments subject to the ordinance. These fees will be multiplied per the off-site unit count otherwise required for all new developments subject to the ordinance. The fee schedule in place at the time of payment will be applied to each specific project. 

SRO/Group Housing unit - $148,506

Studio unit - $198,008

1-bedroom unit - $268,960

2-bedroom unit - $366,369

3-bedroom unit - $417,799

4-bedroom unit - $521,431

The next fee update will occur on January 1, 2018.  


As adopted by the Board of Supervisors, the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Ordinance (Section 415.5 of the San Francisco Planning Code) prescribes that an Affordable Housing Fee (the “Fee”) must be paid for residential developments subject to Section 415 et seq. The Fee is based on the number of units applicable under the “off-site” option as established in Section 415 the Planning Code. The current applicable percentage varies depending on the number of units proposed, unless the development submitted its first planning application under an earlier version of the program. Certain Area Plans such as the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan also require a different off-site percentage.  Please see the San Francisco Planning Department's Inclusionary Housing Program Overview page for specific requirements.

The fee is currently indexed to the Construction Cost Index (CCI) for San Francisco as published by Engineering News-Record.

The San Francisco Planning Department shall calculate the fee using the direct fractional result of the total number of units.