Inclusionary Housing Below Market Rate (BMR) Rental Program

Thank you for your interest in the Inclusionary Housing below market rate (BMR) rental program. To learn about the program, your first step is to review the City and County of San Francisco Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program Monitoring and Procedures Manual 2013. This manual contains the rules and restrictions of the program. Then, please review our current listings.

Please contact us at 415-701-5500 any time with questions. Thank you!


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Program Overview (informal)

City and County of San Francisco Inclusionary Affordable Housing Monitoring and Procedures Manual


Additional Information on Renting a BMR Unit

Process Overview (under construction)

Current Rental Listings (and apply online) 

How Your Household Income is Calculated

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Other Information on the Program

Information for Current BMR Renters (under construction)

Maximim 2017 Rent Levels: PDF icon2017 AMI-RentLimits-HMFA-ForMOHsf_04-26-17.pdf

Maximim 2017 Income Maximums:PDF icon2017 AMI-IncomeLimits-HMFA_04-21-17.pdf

Information for Developers and their Agents

Documents Governing and Explaining the Inclusionary Housing Program

Other Affordable Rental Programs