Information for BMR Realtors

Thank you for assisting a Below Market Rate (BMR) homeowner in the resale of a BMR unit. We thank you for your involvement in making the dream of homeownership a reality for middle and lower income households in San Francisco.

To ensure for a smooth resale process, we ask that you offer your client the highest level of professional attention and that you clearly understand the process and policies of the program. Please begin by reading carefully through the Process for Re-selling a BMR Unit. Please then submit a repricing request letter from your client (including the current HOA dues) and a listing agreement to our attention in order to have the unit priced. Once the price is established, you will complete and send us a completed MOHCD Resale Posting Template before you begin marketing the unit.

It is very important that you understand the BMR program in general as you will serve as the first line of response for your interested buyers. Please read through the following documents to understand the basic parameters of the program.

Process for Re-selling a BMR Unit

BMR Ownership Program Overview

BMR Application

MOHCD BMR Resale Posting Template - MOHCD will send the realtor a posting template with the BMR pricing approval.


Other useful documents and links:

List of Approved BMR Lenders

BMR Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet (EXCEL)

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Current Ownership Listings


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