Lender Workshops/Training

Information for Lenders

All loan originating institutions working with our programs and directly with applicants are required to submit a Participating Lender Agreement by a signing authority, and remit an annual lender fee.  New lenders will pay an Initial Fee.  Existing lenders will pay a reduced Lender Renewal fee. These fees increase by roughly 2% every fiscal year.  Please click here for current fees. This fee covers trained loan officers that will be listed as a participating loan officer.  

Loan officers who are on our approved list are also required to sign a MOHCD agreement and attend an annual training.  Mortgage Loan Officers will be removed from the participating lender list, regardless if the lending institution has paid the annual renewal fee.


Workshops provided for Re-Rental Certification, Escrow Officers, Real Estate Agents, Housing Counselors and Loan Officers.  All workshops will be held at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 5th floor, Conference Room 5080 from 9:30am to 12:30pm (unless *noted).  To RSVP please contact sheree.anderson@sfgov.org.  See schedule below:

Training Group Third Thursday of every Month (Unless*)
Rental and Recertification - Property Managers and Leasing Agents   *March 14, 2018 June 21, 2018 October 18, 2018
Housing Counselors - Homeownership *March 21, 2018 *August 2, 2018 November 15, 2018
Lenders - Loan Officers March 15, 2018 August 16, 2018 TBD
Housing Counselors - Rental - September 20, 2018 TBD

BMR Lender Training

Lenders who wish to participate with the BMR program must agree and understand that the City will place a second lien against the BMR property, which is the difference between the fair market value and the BMR sales price, referred to as the "BMR lien."  The City will require Title Insurance for the BMR lien.  The lender also understands that the restrictions in an Inclusionary Housing BMR unit will survive foreclosure. All participating loan agents must provide their NMLS ID# to MOHCD and sign the PDF iconBMR Lender Agreement 2.16.2017.pdf 
To become an approved BMR lender, lenders must also complete training for Loan Officers.

DALP & MCC Training

Mortgage Loan Officers (MLO) or mortgage brokers who would like to become a participating lender for MOHCD's homeownership programs, including DALP, MCC, PIC, TND and BMR, FRDALP must attend and complete the required training and pay the required fee.  Each individual MLO or mortgage broker must complete training every year.  All participating loan agents must provide their NMLS ID# to MOHCD and sign the PDF iconHO Programs Lender Agreement 2.24.2017.pdf.


Borrowers need to work with one of our "Approved Lending Officers" before we'll start our subordination review process. The approved list is at:
BMR/DALP/MCC Approved Lending Officer List


AFTER TRAINING (next steps)
  1. Loan Originator to sign the MOHCD Lender Agreement after completion of Lender Training
  2. Remit the Lender Participation Fee, if applicable annual renewal; make check payable to the City & County of San Francisco). Note: only one fee per lending institution is required.
  3. Contact MOHCD for your Database of Affordable Housing Listings, Information, and Applications (DAHLIA) password.

San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing
and Community Development
Attn: Sheree Anderson
1 S. Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103


MOHCD Lender Agreement

Lender Closing Checklist (BMR Only)

DALP Info and Procedures

DALP Manual and Forms
FRDALP Info and Procedures
FRDALP Manual and Forms 
Income Limits Chart
Lead & Rehab Info
MCC Info and Procedures
MCC Forms
MCC-8 Form
Census Tract Info
Participating Lenders List
First Time Homebuyer Counseling Agencies
MOHCD Library of Documents, Reports, Forms

For questions about this training or MOHCD programs, please contact SF Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development at :
415-701-5500; 415-701-5501 (TDD)

Mailing Address:
1 South Van Ness Ave., 5th Fl
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax: 415-701-5501