Rent Burdened / Assisted Housing Preference

What is the Rent Burdened / Assisted Housing Preference?

Many projects sponsored by the Office of Community Infrastructure Investment (OCII – formerly the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency) include a preference for rent burdened San Francisco households and assisted housing residents.  This preference is not available for non-OCII projects. Rent Burdened households and Assisted Housing residents share a single lottery preference position (generally second, after Certificate of Preference), meaning that households with either of these preferences are included in a single preference pool.

Rent Burdened households are those defined as paying more than 50% of their income for housing.

Example: A household of 2 with $2,500 gross income per month and a total rent payment of $1,500 per month, qualifies for this preference because they pay 60% of their gross income toward rent.

Assisted Housing residents are persons residing in public housing or Project-Based Voucher Section 8 housing within the City of San Francisco.  Note that this preference does not apply to Section 8 tenant-based voucher holders. 


To qualify as a Rent Burdened household, applicants must meet the 50% rent burden criteria, and include a copy of their current lease agreement plus proof of the last 3 months rent payments (i.e. cancelled checks or debits from their bank account) with their application.  A Request for Verification of Rent will be completed post-lottery.

To qualify as an Assisted Housing resident, applicants must include a copy of their current lease agreement with their lottery application.

Note that all applicants must also meet other standard requirements, such as minimum and maximum income.

For More Detailed Information

Inquiries related to the Rent Burdened or Assisted Housing Resident Preferences should be addressed to the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development at (415) 701-5500, via TDD at (415) 701-5503.