Welcome to MOHCD’s Don’t Borrow Trouble Page!


Now that you have a home in San Francisco, let us help you keep it safe from predatory lenders!



The Mayor's Office Housing and Community Development is committed to protecting homeowners from predatory lending practices that can make the dream of homeownership a financial nightmare. We accomplish this goal by acting as the governmental coordinating body. More specifically MOHCD is:


  • A key strategic partner in the  "Don't Borrow Trouble" campaign.
  • An active member of the campaign's steering committee.
  • A funder to those agencies who provide direct services to those in trouble.


The Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) is the primary service coordinator. If you are a victim or simply want information on how to avoid becoming a victim of predatory lending practices, visit or call MEDA.




We also encourage you to check out our Homeowner's Resource Page!