About applying for the Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DALP)

Information for buyers

With special funds for first responders and educators

DALP is a downpayment loan up to $375,000, for first-time homebuyers to bid on a property on San Francisco's open market. The loan must be used on the downpayment of a single unit that will become your primary residence. You can re-sell the unit at market prices.

You don’t have to make any monthly payments for 30 years, or until you sell the property. You pay MOHCD back the principal amount, plus an equitable share of appreciation. There is no pre-payment penalty.


Am I eligible for DALP?

In addition to our homebuyer program requirements, there are eligibility requirements in:

  1. Maximum income
    • For the general DALP, your household income cannot exceed 175% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in 2019.
    • For the first responders (FRDALP) or SFUSD educators (Educators DALP) funding list, your household income cannot exceed 200% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in 2019.
      • Note: Applicants who receive funds from the FRDALP or Educators-DALP list can't have owned property in San Francisco for the last 3 years. However, they can have owned property elsewhere.
    Household Size 175% AMI in 2019 200% AMI in 2019
    1 person $150,850 $172,400
    2 people $172,400 $197,000
    4 people $215,500 $246,300

    Download the entire maximum income chart

  2. Minimum savings
    • You must have enough with your own savings (5% of the downpayment), mortgage loan, and DALP loan to afford a home at San Francisco market rate prices

Work with your lender to determine your eligibility.

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Important Dates for 2020 DALP coming soon.

Applying for DALP

In light of the COVID-19 State of Emergency Public Health Order, the 2020 DALP has been delayed. For more information, please click this link:

PDF icon COVID-19 DALP Program Announcement April 10, 2020

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After you apply

  1. If you apply by the application deadline date, you will receive a lottery number.
    • There is a lottery for the DALP once a year. No lottery preferences are used in the DALP lottery. 
    • Read more about how the lottery works »
    • MOHCD will process and approve applications in lottery rank order, by the following audiences:
      1. First Responders (FRDALP)
      2. SFUSD Educators (Educators-DALP)
      3. General
        • We have a different funding source for applicants above 120% AMI.
        • Both 120% AMI and 175% AMI applicants will be ranked on the same list.
        • Each household can only reserve funds under one program (General, First Responders, or Educators) if selected.
        • First responders or SFUSD educators can still be considered for funding under the General DALP list if they are not selected in under FRDALP or Educators-DALP. However, the applicant must meet the AMI and first-time homebuyer requirements of the funding source they use.
  2. Once you are approved, you use the loan on a downpayment for any property on the open market.
    • Purchasing, review, and closing may take 5 months total.
    • You have 60 days to enter a sales contract.
    • There is a nonrefundable fee to process the paperwork. This will be collected when DALP funds are reserved for you to close on a property. See MOHCD program fees »