Cultural District Program Specialist - MOHCD (due 5/28/2021)

9772 - Community Development Specialist

Anti-displacement is a key strategy for MOHCD to address housing stabilization, ensure cultural preservation, and address inequities in San Francisco, The City’s Cultural Districts program was created in 2018 to celebrate and strengthen the unique cultural identities of San Francisco.  Through a formalized collaborative partnership between the City and communities, the goal is to better coordinate resources to assist in stabilizing vulnerable communities facing high rates of displacement.  The program’s vision is to preserve, strengthen and promote cultural assets and diverse communities.

This position will focus on supporting African American community-based strategy development and its implementation. The goal is to amplify community voices and build connectivity to City resources and strategic conversations. The ideal candidate will be able to assist in deploying, coordinating, and leveraging resources using knowledge of neighborhood and community needs; draw upon San Francisco’s diverse history as well as current trends; coordinate resources and relationships to help communities preserve and promote their cultural assets and neighborhood events; and ensure programmatic and grantee compliance with all applicable local and federal regulations and requirements.  This position will ensure that the department invests in healthy, transparent and diverse neighborhood based cultural groups, and that each district utilizes fiscally sound systems and can attain strong place keeping outcomes.

Under the general supervision of the Cultural Districts Program Manager, the position performs a variety of activities related to programmatic and contractual oversight of the Cultural District Program by the Department. Specific activities include but are not limited to managing a grant portfolio of funding to nonprofit organizations; managing relationships with grantees; providing technical assistance and capacity building support when needed;  participating in program planning, development, project implementation and evaluation; reviewing project plans and programs to assure compliance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations and policies; assisting with project analyses, making recommendations and operational improvements that will improve program performance and ensure meeting contractual requirements;  conducting program monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of grant funded projects; preparing reports and records.   The Community Development Specialist at the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development  also performs related duties as required.

See details and apply by May 28, 2021