Finance Director

0903 - Mayoral Staff XV

The 0903 Mayoral Staff XV – Finance Director reports to the Deputy Director – Finance and Administration at MOHCD. This position partners closely with the Deputy Director to manage highly complex and sensitive financial programs and the department’s annual expenditures of approximately $450M.

The essential functions of this job include:

  • Oversees and directly performs highly complex accounting functions consistent with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), auditing procedures, and City policies.
  • Supervises, plans, directs and coordinates workload and assignments for professional accounting staff.
  • Assigns, manages, and evaluates fiscal and accounting work including purchasing activities, payroll and general ledger analyses, accounts receivables, payables, grants, bonds, revenue, cost allocation, expenditures, and other accounting activities.
  • Plans, directs and performs analysis and reconciliation of fiscal and accounting records and reports from automated financial information systems.
  • Reviews transactions to conform with existing fiscal and legal requirements; supervises staff in reviewing financial documents, disbursements and encumbrances to ensure conformance with budget and fiscal procedures.
  • Coordinates team responses to annual audits, including Single Audit.
  • Prepares and presents reports orally and in writing to management, accounting staff and other stakeholders including the Citizen’s General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee (CGOBOC).
  • Prepares legislative action items to be presented to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors related to the receipt of revenues, the expenditure of funds, and grants received.
  • Departmental resource for proper procurement of professional services.

This position also assists in developing and monitoring the annual operating budget; overseeing the monitoring of contracts with regard to budget and fiscal considerations; monitoring actual spending and preparing monthly analysis and forecast reports; and assisting in the development and preparation of various critical budget and finance reports. The position also performs special projects and other duties as assigned.

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