Job openings: MOHCD seeking 3 Affordable Housing Specialists

MOHCD is seeking 3 senior-level affordable housing specialists:

  • Housing Construction Representative

    Responsible for a range of construction monitoring and management, relating to a variety of MOHCD-funded affordable housing projects or programs, including new construction and acquisition/rehabilitation of rental and for-sale housing.

    See details and apply by 7/27/18

  • Multifamily Lending Project Manager

    Performs multifamily housing development work, including:

    • Planning, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation assignments;
    • Coordinates the development of plans and programs;
    • Conducts and coordinates studies and surveys;
    • Reviews more difficult projects to ensure compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws, regulations and procedures.

    See details and apply by 7/20/18

  • Asset Manager

    Performs difficult and complex housing program analysis and oversight. The essential functions include:

    • Monitoring projects for compliance with a wide range of requirements;
    • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding the programs, operating budgets, and proposed activities of entities receiving funds;
    • Inspecting projects and recommending physical improvements;
    • Interpreting applicable laws & regulations;
    • Collaborating with deputy city attorneys to prepare, review and execute contracts and other necessary documents;
    • Reviewing asset & property management issues to inform design and development of new projects;

    See details and apply by 7/20/18