RFQ for technical support of our Consolidated Plan (due 1/8/18)

Seeking data collection tool development and community engagement planning services

MOHCD is pleased to announce its request for a qualified consulting firm or firms to provide data collection tool development and community engagement planning services. Respondents must have experience working with public and private organizations, as well as the general public. Qualifying firms will have expertise in survey development and qualitative data analysis, communications and outreach strategy development and implementation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Consolidated Planning process, and HIV/AIDS housing issues and policy.

Proposed budget: Up to $95,000

Proposed timeline: February 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

The qualified consulting firm will work closely with MOHCD staff to achieve the following scope of work:

  • Develop survey and other data collection tools and analyze information gathered from public and private organizations and the general public as part of the City and County of San Francisco’s 5-year Consolidated Plan and HIV/AIDS Housing Plan processes;
  • Develop and execute a communications and outreach strategy, including meeting facilitation, to ensure the engagement of a representative, inclusive and diverse set of San Francisco stakeholders. This strategy would preferably utilize an equity framework that accounts for disparities in race, gender and other protected categories, as well as for persons with potential barriers to community engagement;
  • Assess and adapt MOHCD’s existing theory of change model for its community development investments;
  • Gather and assist in the analysis of local data resources and best practices literature; and
  • Collaborate and coordinate with a consultant who has expertise in HUD’s Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) process to ensure all elements of this scope of work are implemented in conjunction with that concurrent planning process.

Submit your firm

Please email a PDF attachment of your submission to Mike King, Manager of Program Evaluation at michael.king@sfgov.org. The deadline is January 8, 2018, at 5pm Pacific.

Include the following in your submission:

  • A description of your firm’s qualifications, including at least two similar or relevant projects that have been completed in the last five years;
  • A list of staff that would work on this project, including their qualifications, relevant experience, and other projects they will be working on during the proposed timeline, along with percentage of time committed;
  • A cost estimate for each scope of work element; and
  • At least three professional references that can verify your firm’s past experience and outcomes.

Print this RFQ: PDF iconConsolidated Plan Technical Assistance RFQ