BMR Inclusionary Housing Program Rental Manager FAQ's

Hello BMR Rental Managers:

Certain units in your building may be restricted under the City and County of San Francisco Inclusionary Housing Program. The below market rate (BMR) units are legally restricted and may only be rented to qualified households paying a maximum allowable rent as established by our office each year. MOHCD publishes an informal
overview of the program; your main guide, however, is the City and County of San Franicsco Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program Procedures Manual. You must review this manual for the most current official program rules.

When do I adjust BMR rents and with what process?

You may reset the rent levels for each household on the original lease anniversary date for that specific household. If you have moved off of that date, you must place the household back onto an annual lease with that initial date as the beginning of each lease year. Please contact our office if this is the case.

You must reset the rents each year so that a tenant is not faced with an undue and sudden rent increase. In other words, you cannot “bank” rent increases. It is the responsibility of the rental manager to ensure that BMR rents are raised, if that is the intent of the building.

You must follow all applicable laws regarding proper notice for the rent increase. There is no specific rule set by our office for this matter.

What rent level do I apply to my BMR units?

Please review the current rent levels at Please refer to the rent levels that apply to the specific percentage of area median income for your units.  If you have a question about the income target of your units, please contact our office. Most units rent at 55% or 60% of Area Median Income. Most BMR Renter households will be charged the applicable rent “without utilities.”  You may only charge the higher “with utilities” rent if you are paying for all primary utilities for the household (i.e. gas, electric, water and garbage).

Special Notes:

  • The rental managers of 6 Mint Plaza and Trinity Place should refer to 55% AMI rent levels for their BMR units rather than 60%. These units were approved under an adjusted income chart.
  • Three buildings must contact MOHCD at the beginnig of each calendar year for their specifically calculated rent levels for the year: Avalon at Ocean Bay, 2000 Post III, and 2545 Judah Street (AKA 1408 31st). These buildings are under a specific pricing formula that requires individual rent level establishment.


How do I rerent a BMR Unit?

You must contact our office when you have a vacancy, 30 days before you intend for the unit to become available and work through our office to rerental a BMR Rental Unit. Please review our rerental process at the following link: before contacting our office.

What about the lease?

All leases must be 12 month leases and must begin on the initial lease date of that BMR Renter Household. You must attach a Program addendum to all new leases. Please work with our office to obtain an addendum for your current rerental.

How will the program qualifications of our BMR tenants be monitored?

The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development will conduct annual monitoring of the BMR units in your building to ensure that the units are rented only to qualified renters. We will be working through you to collect household information at that point. At this time, you do not need to collect program qualification documentation from the BMR tenants when you reset the rents.

You must retain a copy of the lease and household application at all times. It will be reviewed during periodic monitoring visits.

How do I learn more about the Program?

For an informal overview, please read the BMR Rental Program overview.

For a legal overview, please read the most recent version of the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program Procedures Manual.

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