Reselling your below market rate (BMR) home

For realtors and owners of BMR homes

Effective March 1, 2019, MOHCD requires that property inspection and disclosure documents be submitted as part of the request for pricing of a BMR unit.


If you bought your home at a below market rate price, you will have to sell your home at a price MOHCD determines and follow the rules for selling a BMR unit. Depending on your unit, we use different formulas to calculate the resale price. You may not charge a higher sales price than what we set.

MOHCD will use a lottery process to assign a buyer.

Selling your home will take about 4 and 6 months.


MOHCD does not fulfill pricing requests unless there is an intent to sell. You can get an unofficial valuation estimate using our repricing calculator.

Important Notes: (Please read the following before you start your request.)

  • You must complete any capital improvements or special assessment reimbursement requests before submitting your pricing request. 
    • Once you have your approved reimbursable amount, you will submit the approved amount with your pricing request.
    • To review our capital improvements and special assessment reimbursement requirements, visit
    • DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS REQUEST WITH YOUR PRICING REQUEST. Click here to submit your Capital Improvements Request. 
  • You must complete your required property inspection and disclosure requirements before submitting a pricing request.  To review our property inspection and disclosure requirements, visit
  • Your realtor must submit your pricing request electronically via a secure link as provided below. You must submit all required documents as one PDF file.
  • If you are a third party representing the owner, you must complete the Owner Authorization form with any supporting document if applicable.


  1. Find a realtor.
    • Your realtor must have an office in San Francisco to assist the buyers with applications.
    • Your realtor will list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), hold open houses, and field questions about the unit and the BMR program.
    • MOHCD will add 5% to the base resale price to pay for your realtor commission and for the buyer's realtor commission.
  2. Realtor sends a price request to MOHCD.
    • Include the following documents:
      • Signed and dated PDF iconResale Pricing Request Form
      • Proof of current HOA dues amount (i.e., most current HOA coupon or statement that states the address, owner name, HOA due amount and date). 
      • Signed listing agreement with the realtor to list the home on the public San Francisco MLS, with the following content:
        • Under Sales Price: “Price to be determined by SF Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development.
      • Home Inspection and Disclosure Documents. Refer to Home Inspection and Repairs Policy for more detailed information. 
        • Home/Property Inspection Report
        • Agent Visual Inpsection Disclosure (California Association of Realtors Form AVID)
        • Seller Disclosure Statement
      • If applicable, submit the following:
        • Owner Authorization
        • Proof of approved capital improvements credit (i.e., approval letter from MOHCD)

Upload your pricing request via Sharefile

We cannot continue the pricing request unless we receive all required documents.


MOHCD prices your home in about 30 days.

  • We will send a dated letter to the owner and realtor with the resale price.
  • The pricing is valid for 60 days from the date of the letter.
  • If you request a repricing, we may charge a fee.
  • The owner cannot set their home’s sales price higher than our pricing.

Preparing the home

The BMR Owner is required to ensure the BMR unit is in a good and clean condition for the subsequent owner. To avoid any delay in selling your BMR unit, please follow the Home Inspection Cleaning Checklist (see Attachment A) to ensure a smooth selling process. If MOHCD determines any repairs are needed, you will receive a letter from MOHCD listing repairs that need to be made before the BMR unit can be posted. 

Listing the home

All listings for the home must be posted for at least 21 days.

  1. Realtor helps MOHCD market your home.
    • We will send the realtor a MOHCD Posting Template in Word for them to fill out.
    • It will take about a week for MOHCD to approve the posting template.
    • MOHCD will post the home at or
  2. Realtor markets your home on MLS and other venues.
    • The realtor must disclose that the home is monitored by the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development.
    • The listings must include both internal and external photos of the home.
  3. Realtor must hold at least 2 open houses while the home is listed. Both open houses must be at least 2 hours long.
    • One on a weekday evening
    • One on a weekend day
  4. Realtor will provide interested buyers with the BMR Homeownership Application form and requirements.
  5. Realtor will collect MOHCD application packages and hand out lottery tickets.
    • Realtor is responsible for ensuring all application packages are complete.


Lottery will take place no less than 7 days from the application deadline.

  1. Within 24 hours of the application deadline, realtor will send a list of all applicants to MOHCD.
  2. MOHCD will work with the realtor to prepare for the lottery.
  3. The lottery will be held at MOHCD and be open to the public.
  4. At least one agent must attend the lottery, and be ready to answer questions about the building.
    • Realtor will also deliver all paper applications to MOHCD at the lottery.
  5. Lottery results will be posted on the website 1 week after the lottery.


  1. MOHCD begins reviewing applications for review, by lottery rank order.
  2. MOHCD will send a conditional approval or disapproval letter to the buyer within 15 days.
  3. If the lottery winner is not conditionally approved, MOHCD will send the applicant a disqualification letter.
    • The applicant then has 5 days to appeal, by sending in missing or supporting documents.
  4. If the lottery winner fails appeal, MOHCD will move on to the next ranked buyer’s application.

Conditional approval

  1. The approved buyer signs a sales contract within 7 days of MOHCD's conditional approval.
    • Realtor and seller sends the sales contract to Title Company, to open escrow.
  2. The buyer should then secure a final loan approval from their lender within 30 days.
    • If a final loan approval is not secured, the applicant cannot buy the unit.
    • If the current applicant can't buy the unit, MOHCD moves on to the next application in the lottery list.

Final approval

  1. Buyer and lender will work together to send MOHCD with all required documents.
  2. MOHCD sends the buyer a commitment letter, valid for 30 days.
  3. Title Company works with buyer to sign closing documents.
  4. Title Company sends signed and notarized closing documents back to MOHCD.