City Second Loan Program

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Information for buyers

The basics

  1. The City Second Loan Program provides a downpayment loan
    • The loan can be up to $375,000, but depends on fund availability
  2. You use the loan to bid from a collection of properties
    • The properties are also available on the open market
  3. You can re-sell the unit at market prices

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Am I eligible for City Second?

In addition to our homebuyer program requirements, there are eligibility requirements in:

  1. Maximum income
    • Your household income does not exceed 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in 2018
    Household Size 120% AMI
    1 person $99,500
    2 people $113,650
    4 people $142,100

    Download the entire maximum income chart for 2018

  2. Minimum savings
    • You must have enough with your own savings, mortgage loan, and City Second Loan to afford a home at San Francisco market rate prices

Why apply for City Second?

  1. No lottery, unlike the Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DALP)
    • The application is first-come, first-serve
  2. When you own a City Second property, you can sell it at market-rate prices

View listings and apply

After you apply

  1. MOHCD looks over your pre-approval application.
    • We review pre-approval applications in the order we receive them.
  2. If we approve you, you’ll take our approval letter to your realtor.
  3. Your realtor submits a purchase offer to the seller.
  4. If the seller accepts your purchase offer, the purchase offer is signed.
    • It then becomes a ratified purchase agreement.
  5. You take the ratified purchase agreement to your lender.
    • Your lender will work with MOHCD on the loan details.
    • You'll need to submit more paperwork, including the nonrefundable processing fee. This fee will only be collected after you have your ratified purchase agreement. See MOHCD program fees »