COVER Loan Program

Code Violation Enforcement-deferred Rehab (COVER) loans help property owners fix their homes after receiving a code violation.

You can apply for a COVER loan if you:

  • Own a building with 1-4 units
    • The building must be free of all liens not approved by MOHCD. These are often negative liens such as for delinquent taxes, judgments, mechanics liens or any other liens that could jeopardize the City’s loan security
  • Have received a Notice of Violation or Notice of Abatement from the Dept of Building Inspection
  • Make under 120% AMI for your household size
    • We also check the amount of assets you have. 2% of savings, which you have immediately available, will be added to the income calculation. This will not include your primary residence's value, or retirement funds.
Household Size 120% AMI in 2018
1 person $99,500
2 people $113,650
4 people $142,100

Download the entire maximum income chart

COVER loan details

  • Maximum loan amount: On a case-by-case basis
  • Interest rate: 1%
  • Loan term: Deferred payments for a period of 10 years
  • To see more details, download the program overview packet: PDF iconCOVER Loan Program Overview

Apply for a COVER loan

  1. Complete, sign and scan the PDF iconCOVER Loan Application

  2. Compile the form and required documents into one PDF file.

    Upload your documents with Sharefile
    Sharefile will ask you to create an account

    If you are unable to send in your documents online, you can mail your documents to:

    Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
    Attn: COVER Loan Program
    1 South Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor
    San Francisco, CA  94103

After you apply

  1. MOHCD will look over your documents and determine if you are eligible for the loan.

  2. You may contact contractors for bids, using the PDF iconContractor COVER Loan Packet

  3. Work with MOHCD for loan terms, underwriting, and construction planning.

    • We'll send you an approval letter and full loan documents for you to review.
    • Sign these documents at MOHCD's office at 1 S Van Ness.
    • These documents must also be notarized and recorded before construction is started.
  4. After MOHCD emails a Notice to Proceed, contractor begins work on unit.

    • You are responsible for overseeing the project.
    • You must also schedule the final walkthrough with the Department of Building Inspection.
    • Get confirmation that the project is completed, in writing.
    • If there are change orders, provide them to MOHCD right away for us to review and approve.
  5. MOHCD pays the contractor.

  6. MOHCD will give you a project closure letter with the loan balance details.

If you have any questions, contact Sheree Andersen at