Displaced Tenant Housing Preference Program (DTHP)

The Displaced Tenant Housing Preference helps tenants displaced from rent controlled housing by no-fault eviction, fire, or unaffordable rent due to expiring affordability restrictions.  The program gives a lottery preference that can be used when applying to affordable housing.

You exercise your DTHP certificate once to rent or buy San Francisco City sponsored affordable housing.

You can claim a DTHP in three ways

1. Ellis Act or Owner Move-In Eviction

Your landlord must have filed the eviction with the Rent Board as an Ellis Act or Owner Move In. Contact the Rent Board for confirmation »

  • If you were evicted in or after 2010 you must have received either :
    • A Notice of Intent to Withdraw (NOI)
    • An Eviction Notice which:
      • States the reason for termination is to enable owner or relative move-in or
      • References Section 37.9(a)(8) of the Rent Ordinance
  • If you have already moved out, you are still eligible even if your landlord rescinds the eviction. you would not be eligible if you have not moved out and your landlord rescinds the eviction.
  • You don't need to be on the lease to be eligible but you do have to provide documentation that demonstrates you lived in the unit. More information about allowable documents an be found in our Housing Preference and Lottery Procedures Manual under Section 5.4 Documentation.


2. Displacement Due to Unit Extensively Damaged by Fire

For those who have experienced a fire in their rent controlled apartment and the damage is so extensive the household cannot return to the apartment within 6 months.


3. Unaffordable Rent Increase Due to Affordability Restrictions Expiring

For Below Maret Rate (BMR) tenants who will pay more than 40% of their income in rent because their BMR affordability restrictions have expired.

Apply for DTHP

  1. Download the Correct DTHP Application:

    For Ellis Act, Owner Move-In, or Fire displacememnt, download this PDF icon DTHP Application (English)

    For displacememnt because of unaffordable rent due to the expiration of affordability restrictions download this DTHP application and submit the necessary supporting household documents.

  2. Submit your application to MOHCD:

    Submit your application online by uploading to a secure linkhttps://sfgov.sharefile.com/r-rec4b07074644dbc8

    If you are unable to submit your application online, you can mail it to:

    DTHP Program
    Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
    1 South Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor
    San Francisco, CA  94103

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