Elevator Rebate Program (ERP)

The purpose of ERP is to improve the quality of life and increase accessibility for tenants residing in City sponsored single room occupancy (SRO) hotels by providing assistance to modernize antiquated elevator systems.


Eligible SRO hotel property owners must have the following:

  • Master lease with a minimum of 6 remaining years with the City.

  • Detailed elevator scope of work estimating the cost for reconfiguration, modernization or refurbishment.

  • City-certification as a supplier.  For instructions on how to become a City-certified supplier please click on this link How to Become a City-Certified Supplier


  1. Submit a complete Elevator Rebate Program Reservation Application with all required documentation using this secure Sharefile Link.
  2. MOHCD will review your information and determine eligibility.
  3. Once your application is approved, MOHCD will provide you with an Elevator Rebate Reservation Approval Letter and Agreement.
    You will have 10 business days to return the following information to MOHCD;
    1. Executed Elevator Rebate Program Agreement;
    2. Certificates of Insurance for awarded contractor; and
    3. Fully executed owner/elevator company contract including detailed scope of work and cost estimate.
  4. Once all work is finalized and you have received your permit to operate the elevator you may start the Elevator Rebate Payment Request.
    Submit the following information using this secure Sharefile Link
    1. Completed Elevator Rebate Payment Request Form;
    2. Contractor itemized invoices of the work completed;
    3. Proof of payments made to contractor by providing copies of cancelled checks; and
    4. Copy of Permit to Operate Conveyance from the CA. Dept. of Industrial Relations - DOSH.
  5. Your payment request will be processed within 30 days.