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Eligible SRO hotel property owners must have the following:

  • Their SRO hotel must have a master lease with a minimum of 10 years with the City.
  • The SRO hotel must have a comprehensive elevator assessment with detailed repair scope & budget estimate.
  • The SRO hotel property owner must be a city-certified vendor.


Priority will be determined on a need basis.  Applications that are submitted will be scored based on answers provided in the Selection Criteria Question portion of the Elevator Rebate Reservation Application (ERRA). These questions are designed to identify which SRO hotels are occupied by the City’s most vulnerable populations including low-income and disabled seniors residing in SRO hotels. 

Weighted Factors for ERP Priority

Maximum Score

Complete ERRA application submittal

5 points

Complete elevator assessment

5 points

Number of Floors in SRO hotel

1 point per # of floors

Number of senior or disabled residents

1 point for every senior and disabled resident

Number of Elevator

(must have at least 1)

Minus 1 point for every additional elevator over 1

Number of inactive elevators

1 point per # of inactive elevators

Number of elevators currently
out of service

1 point per # of times out of service

Number of code violations

1 point per code violation

Number of documented complaints in the last year

1 point for every 1 complaint


2 steps:

  1. Elevator Rebate Reservation Application
  2. Elevator Rebate Disbursement Form


To reserve a pre-authorized amount, the property owner must first submit the following requested documents:

  • A completed Elevator Rebate Reservation Application (ERRA).
  • A comprehensive Elevator Assessment report with detailed repair scope & budget estimate.
    To order a comprehensive Elevator Assessment you may contact Nathan Web with the Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD) at 415-554-6789.
  • Most recent annual maintenance or inspection report for the SRO hotel building elevator.
  • Copy of master lease agreement with City verifying 10 years remaining on lease.

If the SRO hotel owner is not a city-certified vendor, they are not eligible to apply for the Elevator Rebate Program (ERP). In order to become a city-certified vendor, the SRO hotel   owner must register to receive payments via ACH (automated clearing house) which is a network used for electronic payments. ACH is the City’s only method of providing the rebate. The following documents are required to become a city-certified vendor:

  • A completed W-9 form.
    The W-9 form is required to obtain a vendor number.This vendor number is verification that your entity is a certified vendor of the City and is authorized to receive payments via ACH.The W-9 form is used to generate the 1099-MISC form.The SRO hotel owner will receive this 1099-MISC form at the end of the year, the same year the rebate was disbursed for tax reporting purposes.You may find the W-9 form here: www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf.
  • Proof of current business tax registration.
    Business tax registration is required for all entities that conduct business in San Francisco and determines their tax responsibilities.To register online, please visit the CCSF Vendor – Business Registration website here: https://newbusiness.sfgov.org/vendor/
  • Completed 12B Compliance form
    As a city-certified vendor, you will be required to provide equal benefits to all employees, including same sex couples.This form verifies equal benefits to all employees are being provided.12B Compliance form may be found here: http://sfgov.org/cmd/sites/default/files/FileCenter/Documents/12835-CMD-12B-101Fillable.pdf

Once the Rebate Reservation application is approved, rebate funds will expire 12 months from the date of the rebate reservation fund approval letter. The letter will be issued with an expiration date.

If a project requires additional time to complete; it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to inform MOHCD no later than four (4) weeks prior to the expiration date to reconfirm program eligibility and extend the reservation period. MOHCD will only extend the reservation period due to construction delays or circumstances beyond the control of the property owner.  Extension of funds outside of the recertification period will be based on fund availability and will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once approved, the SRO hotel owner begins the process of soliciting competitive bids from contractors to perform the work. Soliciting more than one bid is strongly encouraged for price and quality of service comparison. 

It is the property owner’s sole responsibility to conduct all aspects of elevator work.

Prior to the start of work, the owner will provide a copy of the draft Scope of Work to MOD.

This allows MOD to reconcile the recommendation defined in the elevator assessment and that the proposed work in the scope meets the needs as stated in the assessment.

MOD will have a maximum of 10 business days to review the draft Scope of Work with recommended repair scope in the Elevator Assessment report. Please note, revisions may be required that may increase turnaround time.

Your scope of work must be approved by MOD prior to the start of work.

Once the scope of work has been approved, MOD will provide written confirmation of approval.

The owner can then commence the elevator construction.

Once the work has been completed, the owner is responsible for contacting the following agencies and provide written confirmation of inspections from the following departments to MOHCD:

  • Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD)
  • Department of Building Inspection (DBI)
  • California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) - Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/DOSH) of California.


To request the rebate disbursement, the property owner must submit the rebate disbursement packet that includes:

  • Elevator Rebate Disbursement Form
  • Itemized Invoice of the Work
  • Proof of payments made to contractor.
  • Copy of written confirmation of inspections from:
  1. Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD)
  2. Department of Building Inspection (DBI) – green tag
  3. California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) - Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/DOSH) of California.

The rebate disbursement will be sent electronically within 30 days of the Elevator Rebate Disbursement packet submittal.

At the end of the year (the same year the work is completed), the property owner will receive a completed 1099-MISC to be used for tax reporting purposes.



step 1
Contact Nathan Web with the Mayor's Office on Disability (MOD) at 415-554-6789 to request an Elevator Assessment for your SRO hotel building.
step 2
step 3
Submit a complete ERRA to MOHCD using this secure ShareFile Link to reserve rebate funds. You will receive a reservation confirmation email.
step 4
Solicit bids for securing a licensed contractor to perform the elevator work.
step 5
Provide a copy of the draft Scope of Work (SOW) to MOD. You will receive an inquiry or confirmation of SOW approval via email.
step 6
Select contractor and begin elevator work.
step 7
Contact the following agencies to inspect completed elevator work:
  • MOD
  • Department of Building Inspection (DBI)
  • CA. Dept. of Industrial Relations – DOSH; Elevator Permits section
step 8
Submit the rebate disbursement packet prior to rebate disbursement. A complete packet includes:
  • Elevator Rebate Disbursement Form
  • Itemized Invoice of work
  • Proof of contractor payment(s)
  • Copy of all written inspection confirmation from MOD, DBI and DOSH.
step 9
The rebate disbursement will be sent electronically within 30 days of Elevator Rebate Disbursement packet submittal.
step 10
Receive a completed 1099-MISC to be used for tax reporting purposes prior to the end of the year the rebate was disbursed.



Elevator Rebate Program Overview
PDF iconElevator Rebate Reservation Application (ERRA)
Elevator Rebate Request Form

W-9 Form: www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf
CCSF Vendor Business Tax Registration Website: https://newbusiness.sfgov.org/vendor/
12B Compliance Form: http://sfgov.org/cmd/sites/default/files/FileCenter/Documents/12835-CMD-12B-101Fillable.pdf