Homeowner Emergency Loan Program (HELP)

COVID-19 Homeowner Emergency Loan Program (HELP) is available.



If you are having trouble making housing payments due to financial hardship caused by COVID-19, you may be eligible for a COVID-19 HELP loan offered by MOHCD. Click the link below to learn about the program. 


COVID-19 Homeowner Emergency Loan Program (HELP)

HELP Fund Balance


As of  

For San Francisco homeowners in need of a one-time emergency financial assistance loan due to an unforeseen financial hardship. 

HELP Funds may be used for:

  • Past due Mortgage Payments
  • Past due HOA monthly dues
  • Past due property taxes
  • Special assessments (e.g. renovation costs passed down to residents)
  • BMR Homeowners in need of financial assistance to complete necessary repairs in order to sell property

You can apply for HELP if you :

  • Own and occupy a property with 1-4 units.
    • The property must be free of liens such as delinquent taxes, judgments, and mechanics liens.
  • Are able to document a financial hardship that is affecting your ability to cover your past due amount and therefore are in need of HELP.
  • Can demonstrate financial capacity to continue paying all housing costs after receiving HELP.  Post HELP PITA DTI cannot exceed 40%.
  • Have equity in your home.
  • Have limited liquid assets.
  • Be at or below 120% of AMI for your household size.

Household Size

120% AMI in 2022

1 person


2 people


3 people


4 people


*Derived from the Unadjusted Area Median Income (AMI) for HUD Metro Fair Market Rent Area (HMFA) that Contains San Francisco.

HELP Loan Details

  • Maximum Loan Amount: $50,000, or a maximum combined loan to value ratio of 100%; whichever is less.
  • Loan Terms: HELP Loan is a 30-year no-interest deferred loan with no monthly payments. Instead of interest, you pay an equitable share of any gain appreciation from the date you executed the HELP loan documents to the date the loan is paid in full.
  • Restrictions: Owner occupancy restrictions for the life of the loan.  MOHCD will conduct annual owner-occupancy monitoring.

How to apply for HELP

  1. Contact a HUD-approved housing counseling agency to go over your options and help you with the application packet.

    1. Click here Homeownershipsf.org for a list of HUD-approved agencies.
    2. Your counselor will help you create a budget and action plan.
    3. Your counselor must exhaust all other possible options before applying for HELP.
      • This may include negotiating on your behalf, with your first mortgage lender or HOA and assisting you in applying for other available programs.
  2. Complete the HELP Application with your HUD-approved housing counselor. 


  3. Have your HUD-approved housing counselor submit your application and required documents in one PDF file.

    Instructions: Compile the application form and all required supporting documentation into one PDF file, and name the PDF file "Property Address-Last Name, First Name" (Example: 123 Sample Street-Smith, John).

    Upload your documents with Sharefile
    Sharefile will ask you to create an account

  4. After you apply MOHCD will review your application and supporting documentation, pull a credit report on all owners, and determine your eligibility for HELP.

  5. Work with MOHCD to complete, sign, and record loan documents.

    • MOHCD will open an escrow account for all payments to be made through escrow.
    • MOHCD will provide a commitment letter with full loan documents for you to review.
    • Sign loan documents at MOHCD's office at 1 S. Van Ness Avenue, 5th Floor, San Francisco.
    • Executed documents must be notarized and recorded.

HELP Forms
For housing counselor reference