MOHCD Loan Application Process

For lenders and buyers using City Second or Teacher Next Door funds

Income-eligible buyers can apply to use:

Eligible buyers apply for funds with their lender, after they sign their purchase agreement. Buyers are then considered borrowers of the loan program.

  1. Lender submits the complete Lender Package into DAHLIA.

  2. MOHCD will email an approval or denial letter to the borrower and the lender within 15 business days.

    If approved, the email will include draft loan documents and a request for the borrower to make a closing appointment with MOHCD.

  3. Borrower attends a pre-closing appointment at MOHCD offices.

    Borrower must sign our Commitment Letter and Affidavit at our offices at 1 S Van Ness, within 5 business days of the email request (unless otherwise instructed by MOHCD). 

  4. MOHCD emails escrow instructions and closing documents to the title company.

    • Funding as specified in the commitment letter will be placed on reserve for a period of 30 days from the date of the commitment.
      • If for any reason, escrow cannot close within the commitment period, please notify MOHCD immediately or the loan will be void.
    • Funding will be wired to the escrow account after MOHCD digitally receives and reviews all closing documents.
    • We require 5 business days for wire transfer.