Plus Housing Program

Please read these important notes:

  • You will not be contacted unless your application is prioritized for placement and we have an available resource.
  • Plus Housing prioritizes persons who are currently housed but have high rent burdens (pay a high percentage of their income in rent).  Homeless, transitionally housed, and temporarily housed persons are allowed on the Plus Housing list, but do not receive high priority.
  • We expect that homeless applications will soon be transferred to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (DHSH).  If you are homeless, we encourage you to work with a case manager to enroll in the DHSH Coordinated Entry system, which has housing resources specifically for homeless persons with HIV.
  • If you are currently a resident of a Residential Care Facility for the Chronically Ill (RCFCI), you must be submitted for placement by your facility management.  Please do not submit an application on your own.  If you have any challenges, please email

What is the Plus Housing program?

Plus Housing is a housing program through the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) for low-income people living with HIV.  In this new program, applicants can choose to be considered for either (or both) permanent housing subsidies and units (see list). Plus Housing is federally funded by HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS), and locally by the San Francisco General Fund.

Although Plus Housing is not part of the new DAHLIA Housing Portal, which provides listings for housing units through our primary affordable housing programs, we encourage Plus Housing applicants to check listings on DAHLIA as well.

Please note that the Plus Housing program is in pilot mode until for the first six months or so, which means we reserve the right to make adjustments to program policies as needed, in order to serve the overall program aims and provide the greatest benefit to San Franciscans living with HIV.

What is the Plus Housing list?

The Plus Housing list is a prioritized list of applicants seeking permanent housing units or subsidies from the Plus Housing program. Althought it replaces the closed HIV Housing Referral List (HHRL), it is not a simple waitlist like that program had.  Instead, it works to prioritize (please see below) those with the greatest need for rent support.  As such, we intend to keep the Plus Housing list permanently open to qualified applicants.

How do I qualify?

In order to be eligible for the new Plus Housing program, an applicant must:

  • Currently live in San Francisco
  • HIV+   (An AIDS or disabling AIDS diagnosis is not required for general program participation, but is for some program resources)
    • Not all persons in your household must be HIV+, but at least one must be
  • Annual household income less than 50% of Area Median Income (AMI)  (For 2018: $41,450 for a 1-person household, and $47,350 for a 2-person household.  See AMI link for other household sizes)
    • Note for some resources in the Plus Housing program, you must have at least some type of income (general assistance, social security, wages, etc.)
  • Unsubsidized rent burden of 50% or greater   (the amount of monthly rent divided by the total before-tax monthly income)
    • If you pay a percentage of your income as a "program fee", we consider that fee to be rent for the purposes of this program
    • Exemptions from the rent burden requirement include the following:
      • Homeless persons (but they must provide a letter from a recognized agency documenting their homelessness)
      • Persons living in transitional housing (considered homeless under the San Francisco definition of homelessness)
      • Persons currently receiving a partial housing subsidy (a flat monthly rental assistance amount, unlike paying a percentage of your income toward rent), provided that subsidy does not reduce the applicant's rent burden to below 35%
    • TO CALCULATE RENT BURDEN:  First determine your monthly income.  If you only know your annual income, just divide it by 12.  Next, divide your rent by your monthly income.
      • Example:  If you earn $16,752 per year, your monthly income is $1,396.  If your monthly rent is $700, your rent burden is just over 50% ($700 divided by $1,396 = 50.1%)

Note that some housing and subsidies placed by Plus Housing may have additional eligibility requirements.  Also, if you don't qualify now, you can certainly apply in the future if/when you do qualify.

What do I need to apply?

To apply for the list, we just need your contact information, your housing subsidies and units preferences and a few other details.  Keep in mind, though, that you will have to provide documentation to confirm eligibility for the program later in the process.

Apply for the Plus Housing list

If you apply online, you'll get an immediate confirmation by email (if you provide an email address).  Paper applications are also available, either through download here, or by pickup in person at any of the following locations. Please do not apply more than once; duplicate applications will be removed.  If you need to change information you submitted on an application, please email us at  Thank you.

1 S. Van Ness Ave, 5th Floor

1800 Market St, 4th Floor

API Wellness
730 Polk St, 4th Floor

Instituto Familiar de la Raza
2919 Mission St

Positive Resource Center
785 Market St, 10th Floor

Q Foundation
350 Golden Gate Ave

Rafiki Coalition
601 Cesar Chavez St

San Francisco AIDS Foundation
1035 Market St, 4th Floor

730 Polk St, 3rd Floor

Strut/Magnet (SFAF)
470 Castro St

How are Plus Housing list participants prioritized?

The Plus Housing list ranks applicants in the following order and with the following criteria.

  1. Patients from Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill (RCFCI) have top priority
    RCFCIs provide temporary, supportive housing for HIV+ persons with a need for additional medical support.  Clients being discharged from RCFCIs have top priority, to free up space at the RCFCI for others that need that higher level of care. If you or the person you represent is an HIV+ person that needs supportive housing for a medical-related condition, please email us at
  2. Remaining members of the closed HIV Housing Resource List (HHRL)
    The few remaining participants on the closed HHRL will be offered an opportunity to apply for the new program.  If they qualify, they will be moved to the top of the new list, after exiting RCFCI clients.  NOTE:  All eligible former HHRL members have now been placed.

  3. New Plus Housing applicants
    All new applicants for the Plus Housing list will be prioritized as follows:

    • Rent burden; up to 20 points. Rent burden of 100% (all income goes to rent) is awarded 20 points, down to 0 points awarded for 50% rent burden, which of course is the minimum rent burden required for program participation.  Applicants exempted from the rent burden requirement, repeated below, are allowed on the Plus Housing list, but receive 0 rent burden points, which means they are not prioritized for placement through this program.

      • Homeless persons (but they must provide a letter from a recognized agency documenting their homelessness)
      • Persons living in transitional housing (considered homeless under the San Francisco definition of homelessness)
      • Persons currently receiving a partial housing subsidy (a flat monthly rental assistance amount, unlike paying a percentage of your income toward rent)
    • Wait credit; up to 5 points. List participants are given 1 point for every year they are on the Plus Housing list, granted on the anniversary of the date their application was received, for a maximum of 5 points/5 years.  Please note that as previously announced, all applications received during the initial launch period (until October 31, 2017) will be given the same official received date (October 31, 2017).

What happens to my application after I send it in?

  1. For the top-ranked applicants on the list, a social worker from Community Living Fund (CLF), a program of The Institute on Aging, will conduct a brief housing assessment to ensure the housing/subsidy type(s) requested are a fit for that person, in order to ensure a successful housing placement.
  2. As part of the assessment, the following information will be verified by CLF. If any of the following cannot be verified, the applicant will be removed from the Plus Housing list.
    1. HIV+ diagnosis letter
    2. Proof of income
    3. Proof of rent burden or homeless status
  3. When housing subsidies and units become available, a MOHCD staff person will contact the top applicant deemed appropriate for (and interested in) the type of housing opportunity available. Note that a participant that turns down any subsidy or housing unit for which they've indicated interest will have to reapply for the program.

Note that if you submit an application that is not eligible for the program per the above guidelines, your application will not be considered and you will not be otherwise notified.

What happens if I want to change information on my application, or if my housing or financial situation changes?

You are responsible for keeping your application information updated.  Please contact MOHCD at plushousing@sfgov.orgPlease do not submit more than one application; duplicate applications will be removed.

After I apply, can I find out I learn where I am on the Plus Housing list?

If you email the Plus Housing program at, we can confirm if you're eligible for the program, and give you an approximate idea of where you are on the list.  Note that we cannot give you an exact rank on the list, as it could change if applications with higher priority (i.e. higher rent burden) come in.  Also note for that reason and the fact that we have limited experience with this new program, we are unable to provide an estimate of how long it might take to place you.

Is my information kept confidential?

Yes! The Plus Housing program fully complies with both the City of San Francisco's online Privacy Policy and with San Francisco's Administrative Code Chapter 12M, which requires us to obtain your consent before disclosing your information to any outside party.  By signing or submitting an application, you agree to allow us to share your information with our Plus Housing partners, but only as necessary to process your eligible application and deliver the services you requested.