Re-renting a Unit in the Inclusionary Housing Program

Information for Property Managers and Leasing Agents

Important notes:

  • Before we will re-rent your unit, your building must be in compliance with our procedures manual.
    • Compliance includes the annual monitoring rules.
  • To minimize the time that the unit is empty, you must let us know 30 days before the unit will be vacated.
  • To receive the latest document templates (including those not linked on this page), email Brooke Barber (

Listing Preparation

  1. As soon you know the unit will be vacant, contact MOHCD at (415) 701-5500 or email Brooke Barber (
    • MOHCD needs at least 30 days before the unit becomes available.
    • We need that time to review and approve your documents, post the unit, collect applications, and schedule the lottery.
  2. MOHCD will send you the DAHLIA Re-Rental Listing Template.
  3. MOHCD will review and approve the listing template, which may take up to 2 weeks.

Listing Period on DAHLIA

DAHLIA is our online housing application system. Each listing on DAHLIA has a link to download a paper application in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filpino.

  1. MOHCD will post the listing on DAHLIA 7 days after we approve.
    • We will schedule a DAHLIA training session for leasing agents during these 7 days.
  2. The listing will be live on DAHLIA for at least 7 days. During the listing period, you may get questions from applicants.
    • As the leasing agent, you will be listed as a resource for unit-related questions. You must also make the unit’s floor plan available.
    • For applicants looking for help filling out the application, refer them to our housing counselor resources.
    • Applicants will be able to apply online or use a paper application, which will be sent to MOHCD’s PO Box.
  3. Hold an open house.
    • You must schedule at least one open house during the listing period. It must be on either a weekend day or weeknight.

Close of listing and lottery preparation

  1. After the listing closes, you must collect from us any paper applications sent to MOHCD by the next business day.
  2. You must enter paper applicant information into DAHLIA three business days after the application deadline.
    • There are 3 lottery preferences in DAHLIA related to re-rentals: Certificate of Preference (COP), Displaced Tenant Housing Preference (DTHP), and Live/Work in San Francisco.
    • You will be responsible for checking Live/Work in San Francisco preference documents before the lottery, for paper applicants.
    • Based on information you enter into DAHLIA, MOHCD will verify applicants who claim a COP or DTHP before the lottery.
    • You must complete your review of applications we have flagged by the next business day.
  3. MOHCD will send you a PDF of all flagged applications removed from the lottery, after you've entered all the paper applicant information into DAHLIA.
    • You must email and call to let the applicant know they have been removed from the lottery.
    • Applicants have to respond within 24 hours.
    • MOHCD will review all lottery appeals.
  4. You will also be responsible for mailing applicants their lottery number, if they provided a self-addressed stamped envelope.


  1. The lottery will be held at MOHCD and be open to the public. Generally, lotteries last about 30 minutes.
  2. At least one agent must attend the lottery, and be ready to answer questions about the building.
  3. Lottery results will be posted on DAHLIA within 24 hours of the lottery.


  1. MOHCD will send the leasing agent the final renter applicant list and the post-lottery documents.
  2. We will schedule a phone conference to go over all the documents that will be used during the lease-up, including the BMR Review and Analysis Worksheet. (Download the PDF icon BMR Review and Analysis Worksheet SAMPLE).
    • MOHCD offers training on the BMR Review and Analysis Worksheet during re-rental and recertification workshops.
    • MOHCD will only provide one-on-one training when there is no one else at your company with experience.
  3. You are responsible for contacting lottery winners in preference rank order, by using the final renter applicant list.
    • You must contact them by email, phone, and mail.
  4. Lottery winners will send back paperwork to confirm that they are still interested in renting the unit. You will then review their application for completeness.

Application Review with MOHCD

  1. Forward complete applications to MOHCD. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.
    • You must organize the application package according to the Rental Working File Checklist.
  2. MOHCD will confirm that the applicant is income and asset-qualified.
    • You must get MOHCD's approval before disqualifying applicants for income or assets.
  3. Once MOHCD has confirmed income eligibility, you can then move forward with your resident selection criteria. This may include a credit score check.
    • Applicants who pass the income/asset and credit score check, may then be passed through a criminal background check.
  4. When applicants are approved or disqualified, you must notify them by mail, email, and a phone call.
  5. A disqualified applicant has 5 calendar days to have their application reconsidered.
    • You must allow 7 business days for MOHCD to review the appeal.
    • An appropriately-sized unit must be held for them during this time.


  1. The new renter must sign a lease within 7 days from the date of the approval letter.
    • The lease must include our lease addendum. It acknowledges that the renter understands the unit is restricted under the Inclusionary Housing Program.
  2. You must give the renter at least 10 calendar days before the lease begins.
    • This gives the new renter a chance to do a 30-day notice for their current apartment.

Close-out listing

  1. Send MOHCD the final application package with the Rental Working File Checklist.
    • It will include lease information.