Senior Home Repair Program (SHRP)

The Senior Home Repair Program (SHRP) is a property rehabilitation program created through Mayor London Breed's Dream Keeper Initiative for improving the lives of under resourced communities.

SHRP provides assistance up to  $50,000 in the form of a forgivable loan, to low-to-moderate-income senior/disabled homeowners residing in historically distressed and underserved neighborhoods in San Francisco, with roof and HVAC repairs as well as accessibility improvements. 

About Applying for SHRP

To apply for the Senior Home Repair Program, please contact our partner agency Rebuilding Together San Francisco by phone at (415) 905-1611 or email at


Due to limited funding, a priority point system has been established for giving preferences to senior residents in underserved communities. 

Priority Considerations

1. Years of Residency
2. Low-income Households and Very Low-income Households 
3. Households Displaced in Western Addition or Hunters Point by SFRA 
4. Veterans 
5. Persons with Disabilities 
For mor information regarding the priority point system, peferences and requirements, please see the PDF icon SHRP Program Overview


Senior Home Repair Program (SHRP) Details

Maximum Loan Amount: $50,000. The qualifying loan amount will be the minimum amount necessary, based on the borrower's financial need to make repairs.

Loan Terms:

The SHRP loan balance will be forgiven entirely 5 years after completion of improvements if borrower meets the following requirements:

  • Own and occupy the property during the 5-year period.

  • Complete Estate Planning Education and Counseling  offered at no cost by MOHCD Grantee Partner prior to loan forgiveness at no cost to the homeowner. This may be waived if the homeowner has a complete estate plan.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Own and occupy the property as their primary residence

  • At least one Household member must be 55 years of age or older and/or disabled

  • Total Household income does not exceed 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

Household Size

120% AMI in 2021

1 person


2 persons


3 persons


4 persons


View the MOHCD's AMI Chart for larger households.

Property Eligibility

1. Property must be located in the neighborhoods of Bayview Hunters Point, Western Addition, Hayes Valley, and Oceanview Merced Ingleside of the City and County of San Francisco for the following census tracts: 158.01, 161, 168.02, 230.01, 230.03, 231.02, 231.03, 9806, 234, 314, and 312.02.

  • Use Geocode map and enter the property address to view what Census Tract the property is located. 

2. Must be a residential property of 1- 4 units and at least 1 unit must be owner-occupied

Complete list of all Applicant and Property eligibility requirements, please see the PDF icon SHRP Pogram Overview

Eligible Repairs

1. Roof Replacement or Repair;

  • stabilization, repari or replacement of damaged or leaking roof and roof vents and gutters

2. HVAC Replacement or Repair;

  • repair or replacement of damaged HVAC system

3. Accessibility Modifications

  • accessibility modifications needed to adjust physical barriers within a home for senios with mobility or other physical impairments

Eligible repair work under this program may be combined repairs up to the overall program maximum of $50,000. Eligible costs include the hard costs of the repairs and improvements, plus permits and fees associated with such improvements. Architectural and design services are an eligible cost, provided that it is necessary and appropriate to the work being done.

Estate Planning and Counseling

As part of the assets protection under the Mayor’s Dream Keeper Initiative, applicants will be offered to complete estate planning education and counseling at no cost, which includes:

A minimum of 90-minute workshop

  • cover key documents of estate planning, including living trust, will, financial power of attorney, and health care directive

A one-on-one counseling session

  • provides an opportunity for borrowers to ask questions specific to their situation

If requested by applicants, MOHCD Grantee Partner will assist with settin gup an estate plan and provide certain document preparation services charged on a scaling scale

Application Process

The entire process may take up to ten (10) months after the application period opens. All times listed are approximate; the processing times can vary depending on many reasons including the applicant's priority ranking, additional information required to determine an applicant's eligibility, the type of repairs needed, and contractor's availability.

Application Timeline


Time span

Action required from:


Application Deadline

30 calendar days


Applicant will submit a complete application

Scoring/ Priority Ranking

30 calendar days


MOHCD will determine scoring based on priority points


15 business days


MOHCD will issue a pre-approval letter

Bid Submission

30 calendar days

Owner/Partner Agency

The applicant will work with the Partner Agency staff to obtain and submit (3) bids

Final Approval

15 business days


MOHCD will issue a final approval letter

Docs Signing/Loan Funding

45 calendar days


Executed closing documents must be notarized and MOHCD will provide a Notice to Proceed

Rehab Period

90 calendar days


Repairs shall take no more than 90 days unless otherwise approved by MOHCD

Project Closeout

15 calendar days

Partner Agency/MOHCD

Partner Agency will provide MOHCD closeout report. MOHCD will provide a Project Completion Letter to borrower with total finds used and remaining loan balance.

SHRP Forms

PDF icon Senior Home Repair Program Application

PDF icon SHRP Program Overview