Subordination and Refinancing

Information for lenders, escrow officers, and other partners

When a homeowner refinances their first mortgage, MOHCD subordinates its lien position(s) after the primary lender. This also applies to homeowners who used former SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) programs.

The homeowner must contact an approved lender when refinancing, to request a subordination.

To send in a subordination request

  1. Complete the PDF icon MOHCD Subordination Request Package
  2. Upload the Subordination Request Package PDF files to DAHLIA.
  3. Drop off or mail the fee to MOHCD within 48 hours
    Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development
    ATTN: Loan Servicing
    1 S Van Ness Ave, 5th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94103
  4. MOHCD will take 25-30 business days to process the subordination requests.
    1. If you are missing any documents (including fees), we will notify you.
    2. You then have 48 hours to complete the paperwork.
  5. If we approve, we will prepare a subordination agreement.
    • You can use our calculator to see what value we'll use in our review.
  6. The lender can then continue with the refinancing.