Why homeownership?

Buying always requires more preparation than renting. But it can be a good choice for some residents.

Buying through our affordable homebuyer program might be right for you if:

1. You want more stability

Unlike the affordable rental program, you can still live in your unit if your income increases. Your income-eligibility is only determined when you buy the home.

2. You want more control over your property

When you own your unit, you don’t have a landlord who limits what you can do. You’ll likely have an HOA, but as a homeowner, you can have influence on the HOA board.

3. You've never owned before

MOHCD’s homebuyer programs are only for first-time homebuyers. (Defined as not having owned any property in 3 years.)

4. You're an SFUSD educator or first-responder

MOHCD has special downpayment loan programs just for educators and first-responders.

Buying may not be for you right now if:

1. You don't have time

From start to finish, the process may take months. It also requires working closely with a housing counselor, a MOHCD-approved lender, and a realtor.

2. You don't have savings

You should have some of your own funds available for downpayment and closing, to apply for MOHCD programs.

Buying using MOHCD’s programs is not right for you if:

1. You want an investment

Our programs are meant to help people live in San Francisco. The below-market rate units in mixed income buildings, in particular, have limited resale value.

2. You want to rent out the property

You are not allowed to rent out a unit you bought through MOHCD’s homebuyer programs.