For Current Renters

MOHCD funds community-based organizations to help current renters stay in their homes. These organizations can help you get one-time financial help and handle housing conflict.  MOHCD also has a program for renters to avoid displacement.

MOHCD also has quarterly newsletters and annual monitoring information for current renters in our rental programs.

Need eviction help?

See eviction prevention resources

If you need one-time financial help paying back rent or for moving in:

You can contact the following organizations about rent assistance.

If you're having conflict with your landlord or another tenant:

The Bar Association of San Francisco provides a variety of conflict resolution services.

Conflict Intervention Service

Helpline:  415-782-8940

  1. Call the helpline for a free phone consultation to resolve disputes.
  2. If needed, a mediation session with a social worker may be organized. This session is voluntary and confidential for all parties involved.

For current MOHCD program renters

Avoid displacement

MOHCD's Small Sites Program (SSP)

SSP can help you stay in your home, by converting your building to permanently affordable housing. A nonprofit can buy your building before an investor does.

Read more about SSP and nominate your building