Services Overview

The goal of MOHCD’s Community Development division is to make sure all San Francisco residents thrive, especially those in low-income neighborhoods or communities in need. We promote:

  1. Stable and healthy housing
  2. Strong communities

We promote these outcomes by funding nonprofit partner organizations to provide essential and high-quality public services. In 2016-17, we invested $40 million in grants to over 150 nonprofit partners, serving nearly 38,000 residents. We support these services through a combination of federal, state, and city funds.

We base funding decisions on priorities and strategies outlined in our 2015-19 Consolidated Plan. The Consolidated Plan is developed through extensive citywide public input, especially from residents and stakeholders of low-income communities. We award grants to nonprofits through competitive procurement processes.

Services We Fund:

Our nonprofit grantee partners provide services in the following program areas:

Stable & Healthy Housing

  1. Eviction Prevention & Tenant Empowerment

    Eviction Defense and Tenant Counseling

    Full legal representation for:

    • Eviction defense
    • Tenant counseling and education
    • Case management
    • Rental assistance
    Alternative Dispute Resolution in Supportive Housing

    Case management and social support services to residents of supportive housing, along with mediation between residents and housing providers.

  2. Access to New Housing

    Access to Housing

    Information and counseling about:

    • Local affordable housing programs
    • Rental opportunities
    • Help with housing applications and eligibility requirements
    • Financial education
    • Coaching services
    Sustainable Homeownership

    Pre-purchase counseling to prospective first-time homebuyers, and post-purchase counseling to homeowners.

  3. Population-specific Housing Support

    Housing, Rental Assistance and Services for Persons Living with HIV
    • Long-term skilled nursing facilities
    • Rental subsidies with housing advocacy/case management services provided by grantees
    • Operational costs for independent living units with supportive services
    Safe Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors

    Safe housing and supportive services for domestic violence survivors.

    Services for HOPE SF and RAD Residents
    • Community building
    • Service connection
    • Case management
    • Other supportive services
    Homeless Services

    Note: Starting the summer of 2018, these services will be managed by the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.

    Services for the homeless, including:

    • Shelter services
    • Case management
    • Tenant-based rental assistance
    • Rapid rehousing services

Strong Communities

  1. Economic Self-Sufficiency

    Skill Development, Educational Support, and Workforce Readiness

    Training and skill development for low-income residents. Services are focused on promoting essential skills for economic self-sufficiency, along with educational success and workforce readiness.

    Financial Education and Counseling

    Services to help residents save more, build stronger credit, and improve financial security. These services include:

    • One-on-one financial education
    • Counseling
    • Coaching
    Case Management and Service Connection

    Case management and service referrals, designed to address the whole range of a person’s or family’s needs.

    Legal Services

    High-quality legal services to residents who could otherwise not afford them, including:

    • At-risk individuals
    • Recent immigrants
    • Survivors of domestic violence
  2. Community Building

    Community Empowerment and Neighborhood Planning

    Facilitation of resident engagement in community building and neighborhood planning to address collective needs and priorities.

    Organizational Capacity Building

    Capacity building and technical assistance to nonprofit grantee service providers, to ensure they are able to provide high-quality and sustainable services to San Francisco’s low-income and moderate-income communities.

    Community Facilities Capital Grant Program

    Funding to nonprofit service providers to buy and repair community facilities (i.e. capital improvement projects), to ensure high quality facilities are available to serve low-income and moderate-income communities.