Expectations of Inclusionary Rental Agents and/or Owners


Hello Managers or Owners of Inclusionary Housing Program BMR Rental Units,

If your building contains Inclusionary Housing Program Below Market Rate (BMR) Rental units, your BMR units are monitored by our office in cooperation with you.  

The Inclusionary Housing Program Monitoring and Procedures Manual clarifies a number of rules under the Inclusionary Housing Program, including renter recertification and building monitoring.  Please review the Procedures Manual by visiting http://sf-moh.org/index.aspx?page=295.

To assist you in understanding your basic requirements under the Inclusionary Housing Program, please review the following information. 


Inclusionary Housing Rental Program Requirements 


(1)      Follow Marketing Guidelines for New Units

You must work through our office to rent your new BMR units. Please review the current pricing and marketing process (including an outreach plan, posting period and lottery) at the following link: https://sfmohcd.org/pricing-and-marketing-inclusionary-units

(2)      Follow Marketing Guidelines for Re-rental Units

You must work through our office to rent your vacant BMR units. Please review the current re-rental process (including a posting period and lottery) at the following link: https://sfmohcd.org/re-rental-leasing-agent

(3)      Attend Mandatory Rental Agent Training

We require that any rental agent reviewing applications for BMR applicants be trained by our office.  Please contact Colette Mauboussin, at colette.mauboussin@sfgov.org  to register.

(4)      Annual Renter Recertification

We require that all BMR renters be recertified on an annual basis for continuing eligibility with the program.  Please review the following link as soon as possible to understand and implement the recertification program that is effective immediately:  https://sfmohcd.org/renter-recertification.

(5)      Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR)

We require that buildings complete annual reports that provide information on the current BMR units and tenants in terms of rent paid, recent recertification income levels of the tenants, etc. The 2020 AMR is due on March 08, 2021. The 2020 AMR Template, required Declaration form and materials from the 2020 AMR training can be found here: https://sfgov.sharefile.com/d-sf792c091c1ec46a8bd53764f6707ec4b. You can access the webinar for the training here: https://youtu.be/gU9gBHDoNDwPlease contact Justin Chang at justin.chang@sfgov.org with any questions.

(6)          Annual Rent Adjustment

Once tenants have been recertified you may adjust the rent amount of your current tenants on the lease anniversary date of each household.   Please visit https://sfmohcd.org/income-limits-and-rent-limits-below-market-rate-rental-units to review the current rent levels and maximum income levels. All projects will use the Tier One rent level (also called "without utiltiies" rent) except with permission from MOHCD to use a different level.  

(7)      Lease Addendums - BMR Acknowledgment

All leases must include an Inclusionary Housing Program Acknowledgment that is provided by our office. Before renewing your annual leases or drafting a lease for a new, approved tenant, or before renewing the lease of a current tenant, please contact our office for a copy of the acknowledgment. 

(8)      Maintain Renter Files

You must follow the document retention policies laid out the in the Procedures Manual.


Your primary web source for information pertaining to your Inclusionary Housing Program BMR Rental units is https://sfmohcd.org/inclusionary-bmr-rental-leasing-agents.

Thank you!

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