Reissue Mortgage Credit Certificate (RMCC)

For lenders and current MCC homeowners who refinance their mortgage

When a homeowner using an MCC refinances their mortgage, they must get a Reissue Mortgage Credit Certificate (RMCC) to replace their original MCC.

Since the mortgage interest rate changes, the MCC tax credit must be recalculated.

How an RMCC works

  1. You must refinance your mortgage with a MOHCD-approved lender.

  2. The lender has 1 year from the refinance, to submit the PDF icon RMCC Application 7.30.20 to MOHCD

    1. If it is not your first refinance, the lender must provide a Master Settlement Statement and the payoff statement from the first payoff.
    2. The lender sends the digital files through DAHLIA.
    3. If the RMCC application is not received in 1 year, the IRS will cancel the tax credit.