Applying for a title change on your MOHCD-supported home

You must contact MOHCD if you want to change the list of owners listed on the title of your home. This applies to homeowners who purchased a below market rate unit, a market rate unit using a City downpayment assistance loan, homeowners who received a rehabilitation loan or homeowners who used former SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) programs. PDF icon MOHCD’s Title Change Policy provides more details.

Eligibility for a title change

You can apply for a title change if the title change is due to:

  • marriage or state domestic partnership
  • divorce
  • death
  • transfer of title to revocable living trust

Applying for a title change

  1. Gather the required documents

    • Title change request letter, dated and signed by all titleholders
    • Proof of residency for the person who is being added or removed from the title
      • May be current driver license, government ID, paystub, current utility bill, or current lease
    • Proof of title change
      • For addition: Marriage certificate or state domestic partnership registration
      • For removal: Death certificate, divorce decree, dissolution of marriage decree, or dissolution of state domestic partnership decree
      • For transfer to revocable living trust: Draft trust document, certification of Trust Authority and Power. Please see PDF icon Title Transfer to Living Trust Policy for additional information.
    • Draft of the Grant Deed, showing how the new title should be held
    • Any other documents to support the title change
  2. Upload the documents securely to Sharefile.

Upload your documents with Sharefile
Sharefile will ask you to create an account

If you are unable to send in your documents online, you can mail your application to:

Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
Attn: Loan Servicing
1 South Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94103

After you request a title change

  • Due to an increase in volume, MOHCD may take 90 business days or more to process a complete title change package. MOHCD is prioritizing title change requests that are related to a refinance transaction.
  • We may ask for additional documents.
  • We reserve the right to deny a title change request.