Lunchtime Seminar: Managing Sub-Surface Work on your Construction Site

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 - 12:00pm
United States

Encountering sub-surface structures, pile failure and unforeseen soil conditions represent some of the most significant risks to a development during construction, and the cost in money and time to address these issues can be significant. This lunchtime seminar explores methods and strategies for managing that risk including a review of basic terminology, and definition of terms, such as different soil types and hazardous soil classifications and the basic categories of pile designs. A geotech engineer, contractor and environmental consultant also presents key strategies in understanding what lurks beneath your site and how to use that information to limit risk once construction is underway.


  • Hadi Yap, Principal, Treadwell and Rollo
  • David DeMent, Environmental Risk Services
  • Chuck Palley, President, Cahill Contractors