October 28, 2008 - Lunchtime Seminar 2: Know Your (Construction) Types

Ever wonder what those roman numerals mean when talking about construction types? Most of us are familiar with Types I (mostly reinforced concrete) and V (typically wood-framed construction), but what about II, III, and IV? This lunchtime seminar will offer affordable housing professionals the opportunity to learn the basics of different construction types. More importantly, we'll review the cost and code implications of choosing one type over another, and look at the incremental costs associated with going from "mid-rise" to "high-rise" construction. Finally, we'll discuss opportunities for new construction strategies under the new building code.

Panelists: Anne Torney, Principal, WRT Solomon ETC

Steve Winkel, Code Consultant, The Preview Group

Scott Smith, President, Roberts-Obayashi Contractors


Introduction to Construction Types (ppt)