Rehabilitation Programs for Low Income Owner-Occupants

Now that you have a home in San Francisco, let us help you maintain it!

Welcome to the Mayors Office of Housing and Community Development Property Rehabilitation Programs page. Our programs provide assistance to homeowners and to owners of multi-family properties. We offer both grants and loans each program has its own qualifying criteria.

MOHCD offers three different property rehabilitation loans and two grant programs.

Loan Programs

For additional information about property rehabilitation programs to homeowners (of properties with 4 or less units) click on the programs below, call our partner agencies, or call MOHCD at 415-701-5500.

CalHome CalHome (major rehabilitation loan)


Partner Agencies

Asian, Inc.
1670 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 928-5910

San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC)

4439 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94124-3117
(415) 822-1022

Grant Programs

For additional information about our grants, click on the programs below or call MOHCD at 415-701-5500.

LEAD-Based Paint Hazards Control Grant Program - LEAD


Type of Product

Eligible Applicant

Income Eligibility

Number of Units

Maximum Amount of Funds

Terms and Interest Rates

CalHome Loan Program



HUD Low-Income adjusted by household size (income grid) 

1-4, work restricted to owner unit and common areas

105% of Loan to (Post-Work Appraisal) Value

30 years or due at sale, transfer of title, or non-owner occupancy whichever comes first, 3%

LEAD-Based Paint Hazard Control Program


Property Owners with Low-income tenants and Low-Income Homeowners

HUD Low-Income adjusted by household size(income grid ) 

Single Family Homes and Multi-Family Properties

$8,300 per unit

5 year stipulation period give priority to low-income families with children under 6 years old

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