Grantees Training

2020-2021 Grants Management

Orientation Webinar

Date Training Video Materials
9/11/2020 MOHCD 2020-21 Grantee Orientation File Community Development Introductory Orientation September 2020.pptx
10/27/2020 Relevant San Francisco Labor Laws for MOHCD Grantees PDF icon San Francisco Labor Laws Webinar Slides.pdf


Training Webinars

Date Training Video Materials
9/14/2020 Negotiating and Contracting on GMS for New Grantees/Refresher Training None
10/1/2020 Data and Client Reporting File Data and Reporting Webinar 10-1-20.pptx
coming soon Activity & Outcome Reporting  
coming soon Monthly Reporting and Invoicing  
coming soon Mass Uploads