Housing-Related Forms and Documents

Multifamily Housing Development Forms
Single Family Program Forms
Annual Monitoring For MOHCD Rental Properties and Residential Programs Forms
Income Certification Forms
Site Inspection Forms

Multifamily Housing Development Forms

Monthly Project Update Form  (Word)
Chapter 79, Admin Code Prop I Sign Posting Instructions (Word)


See MOHCD RFQs, RFPs, NOFAs page



Loan Closing Checklist (Word)
Closeout Checklist (Word)



Notice of Intent to Solict Bids (Word)

Payment Application Form (Word) 
Notice to Proceed Checklist (Word)

General Contractor Questionnaire for Dept of Industrial Relations Registration (Word)

Retention Release Checklist (Excel)



Disbursement Request Form (Word)

Disbursement Tracking Sheet (Excel)



Supportive Housing Development Technical Assistance Request Form (Word)



Loan Terms

Loan Agreement Policy (Effective May 29, 2015)

Ground Lease Policy (Effective August 21, 2015)

Underwriting Guidelines (Effective April 1, 2016)

Subordination Policy

Operating Fee Policy (Effective April 1, 2016)

Residual Receipt Policy (Effective April 1, 2016)


Developer Fee

Tax Credit Developer Fee Policy (Effective July 29, 2016)

Non-Tax Credit Developer Fee Policy (Effective November 2, 2007)



Revised A&E Basic Services Fee Guidelines (Effective March 2, 2015)
Introductory Letter to A&E Basic Services Guidelines

Bicycle Parking Policy



Contracting Manual & Appendices


Single Family Program Forms

MCC Program Manual - Lenders Use ONLY  
MCC Application Forms (Revised 1/2013)
MCC Target Area Map
City Second Loan Application
Goodman II Application Form
DALP Program Manual - Lenders Use ONLY
DALP Application Forms- Lenders Use ONLY (Revised 1/2013)
DALP and MCC Lender Agreement- Lenders Use ONLY (Revised 1/2013)

Annual Monitoring Report Forms for MOHCD-Funded Rental Properties and Residential Programs

Annual Monitoring Report forms are now accessible on the Asset Management page of the MOHCD web site. 


Annual Income Certification Forms

The forms that must be used to perform initial and annual income certifications of tenants in MOHCD-funded, multifamily rental housing developments are now accessible on the Asset Management page of the MOHCD web site.


Site Inspection Forms

Forms used by MOHCD staff to perform periodic site inspections are now accessible on the Asset Management page of the MOHCD web site.