Loan Assistance For First Time Homebuyers

Due to overwhelming demand and many successful first time home buying purchases made possible with the City’s down payment assistance programs, all DALP funds have been depleted, unless otherwise shown in the chart below.  Funds will be replenished next fiscal year by July, 2017.  MOHCD encourages you to be prepared; attend homeownership counseling, consult with your realtor, talk to a participating lender, and build assets sufficient enough for your required 5% down payment, closing costs and 3 month reserves.  We look forward to receiving your loan application.  Please also check out the active program links below, including the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program, BMR Ownership and BMR Rental programs.  Thank you for your support of the Mayor’s Office of Housing First Time Homebuyer Programs!

Loan application files must be submitted digitaly through the Database of Affordable Housing Listings, Information, and Applictaions (DAHLIA).  Lenders will receive a log-on ID and password after completing MOHCD Lender training.  Supporting documents per Loan Transmittal Form must be an ORIGINAL PDF (no fax or jpeg). Please email to confirm application submission. 

The following programs can be used to assist you in the purchase of a first home in San Francisco.
Please click through and read all the information carefully before contacting our office.


Program Balances



  • First Responders Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (FRDALP) - Provides downpayment assistance loans to active uniformed, sworn members of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) and San Francisco Sheriff's Department (SFSD) to purchase their first home in the City and County of San Francisco.
  • Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DALP) - A loan program for low to moderate income first time homebuyers purchasing a market rate single family home in San francisco. DALP is a silent second loan that requires no payments for 30 years.
  • City Second Loan Program - A loan program for eligible first time homebuyers purchasing a home within specific developments that has no interest and deferred payment. This loan sits in second position on title after the first mortgage and can be repaid at any time without penalty.
  • Teacher Next Door Program (TND) - A loan program to assist teachers employed with the San Francisco Unified School District in purchasing a first home in San Francisco. This loan is forgiven after 10 years provided all program requirements are met. Can be used in the purchase of a BMR unit.
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate Program (MCC) - A program to assist first time homebuyers in San Francisco. An MCC assists eligible homebuyers in their ability to qualify for a mortgage loan and reduce thier effective mortgage interest rate. Can be used in the purchase of a BMR unit.
  • Reissue Mortgage Credit Certificate Program (RMCC) - IRS regulations allow exisitng recipients of MCCs to refinance their original mortgage loans on their principal residence and obtain a new MCC with a tax credit at the same rate as their original MCC.
  • BMR-DALP Downpayment Assistance Program - A downpayment loan program for first time home buyers purchasing a Below Market Rate unit that requires no monthly payment and accrues no interest.
  • Refinancing and Subordination - Eligible City loans or Below Market Rate (BMR) liens can be subordinated to the refinance of the existing first mortgage for a lower interest rate and better loan term with no cash equity out of the property.
  • Workshops & Lender Trainings - Mortgage Loan Officers (MLO) or mortgage brokers who would like to become participating lenders for MOHCD's homeownership programs, including DALP, MCC, PIC and TND must complete the required training and pay the required fee. Each individual MLO or mortgage broker must complete the training every year. All participating loan agents must must provide their NMLS ID# to MOH and sign the Lender Participation Agreement.
  • Homebuyer Education Counseling Agencies - Click here for the list of approved homebuyer eduction counseling agencies. Attending a counseling education class is required for first-time homebuyer seeking a City Loan. Classes tend to fill up quickly and often require two or more meetings so if you're considering applying for a City Loan, don't delay. You may use your first-time homebuyer certificate to apply for any of the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development first-time homebuyer programs for up to two years from the date of issuance.

Please Be Advised that the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development is implementing Program Administration Fees (click here for details).

* Please note loan officers named on loan application forms should match loan officers named on the Final Mortgage Loan Application (form 1003).  See link for for Participating Lender List.