City Second - 1330 Stevenson St., #C203

Posting Date


Type of Unit

City Second Loan Program

Market Rate Program with No Resale Price Restrictions

Development Name

101 Valencia



1330 Stevenson St., #C203

# Bedroom



# Bathroom



Square footage


Maximum Income Level of Applicants

120% of Area Median Income

1 Person -$103,450

2 Person-$118,200

3 Person-$133,000

4 Person-$147,800

5 Person-$159,600

6 Person-$171,400

Offer Price

(City Second borrower must be able to match the offer price)



Application Period


Date Right of First Refusal Starts

Friday, 5/31/19

Date Right of First Refusal Ends

Thursday, 6/20/19

Maximum City Second Downpayment Assistance Loan Amount

Up to $375,000 available for City Second Units based on funding availability.


2018 DALP pre-approved homebuyers can utilize their DALP assistance for the purchase of this property and are welcomed to submit an offer.  All program eligibility requirements must be met.

Minimum Downpayment Required Based on Offer Price




Monthly Homeowner Dues


Contact Person:

Luis Wong, Agent



(510) 579-0968


MSL Link:

View Listing

Open House: 

Sunday, 6/2/19  2:00pm-4:00pm

Special Remark:


City Second Loan is available for qualified buyers on a first-come, first-served basis. 


The Property is subject to the City’s Grant of Right of First Refusal Agreement.  For more information please visit our website