Annoucements about jobs and professional services contracts at MOHCD

Job: Cultural Districts Program Manager (due 10/12/18)

MOHCD is hiring a Cultural Districts Program Manager, who will be responsible for implementing all aspects of the City’s recently enacted ordinance establishing a process to create cultural districts throughout San Francisco. The goal of these districts is to acknowledge and preserve neighborhoods with unique cultural heritage.

See details and apply by October 12, 2018

Job: Performance Management Specialist (due 8/27/18)

MOHCD is looking for a full-time Performance Management Specialist, in partnership with the Mayor’s Budget Office. This is a 1-year position dedicated to furthering the implementation of active contract monitoring. This will include developing practices to be integrated into MOHCD’s current contracting process and identifying best practices that could be utilized further citywide implementation.

See details and apply by 8/27/18

Job openings: MOHCD seeking 3 Affordable Housing Specialists

MOHCD is seeking 3 senior-level affordable housing specialists:

  • Housing Construction Representative

    Responsible for a range of construction monitoring and management, relating to a variety of MOHCD-funded affordable housing projects or programs, including new construction and acquisition/rehabilitation of rental and for-sale housing.

Job: Mortgage Loan Underwriter/Processor (due 6/15/18)

MOHCD is hiring a full-time permanent mortgage loan underwriter/processor to assist with our downpayment loan and housing programs. Duties include intake, processing and underwriting of applicant households to the MOHCD ownership and below market rate and affordable housing programs.

See details and apply by June 15, 2018

Job: Director of Portfolio Management and Preservation

MOHCD is hiring a full-time permanent Director of Portfolio Management and Preservation to join our leadership team. This position serves a critical function in San Francisco’s effort to manage its portfolio of affordable housing, and to expand the portfolio through the acquisition and preservation of existing multifamily buildings. It offers the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of project, program and policy areas, and operates within a fast-moving, exciting, and challenging environment.

Job: Multifamily New Construction Senior Project Manager (due 2/28/18)

MOHCD is hiring a full-time permanent project manager to support our multifamily (100% affordable) affordable housing programs. The core function of the position involves evaluating complex real estate transactions; underwriting projects that include multiple affordable housing finance sources of funds; bringing such projects through the City system for the additional financing and support necessary to complete construction; and managing the community outreach process.  

RFQ for technical support of our Consolidated Plan (due 1/8/18)

MOHCD is pleased to announce its request for a qualified consulting firm or firms to provide data collection tool development and community engagement planning services. Respondents must have experience working with public and private organizations, as well as the general public. Qualifying firms will have expertise in survey development and qualitative data analysis, communications and outreach strategy development and implementation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Consolidated Planning process, and HIV/AIDS housing issues and policy.