2022 Affordable Housing NOFA for Families including Families Experiencing Homelessnes

In order to promote the development of permanent affordable housing for low-income families, including homeless households, the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development ("MOHCD”) and the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (“HSH”) announce the availability of acquisition and predevelopment funding for the development of new, permanent affordable housing for families, with at least 50% of units provided for families experiencing homelessness. Funding for these activities comes from the Our City Our Home Fund (OCOH) and from The San Francisco Housing Trust Fund (HTF) whose goals include:

  • House at least 4,000 homeless people and expand shelter beds by 1,000 within five years, fund legal assistance and rent subsidies to keep San Franciscans housed (OCOH)
  • Provide a permanent source of revenue to fund the creation of affordable housing for low and middle income households over the next 30 years (HTF)

This NOFA specifically addresses MOHCD and HSH’s common mandate to create new affordable, low-income units for families experiencing homelessness. MOHCD and HSH will select proposals that show a clear ability to meet these goals:

  1. Efficiently and quickly produce high-quality and community-serving affordable housing, efficiently and quickly, through demonstrated Project Readiness.
  2. Maximize the benefit of the City’s subsidy dollars through demonstrated Cost-Effectiveness, whether via low-to-no land costs, use of efficient construction techniques and/or materials, or other identified cost-saving measures.
  3. Serve at least 50% Families Experiencing Homelessness referred through the City’s Coordinated Entry System.
  4. Align with the implementation of City policies on anti-displacement, racially inclusive communities, and creating stable housing for vulnerable populations;
  5. Ensure that development teams are working within a culturally competent approach throughout the development process;
  6. Create opportunities for growth of smaller and Black, Brown, Indigenous and other people of color, (BIPOC)-led organizations in development role or as members of the development team;
  7. Select partners that are able to work with MOHCD and HSH to deploy city resources, tools and expertise to create developments that are responsive to populations disproportionately impacted by systemic racism.

Funds issued under this NOFA will be available in the Summer of 2022. MOHCD and HSH reserve the right to select any number of Projects they determine appropriate, given available resources for housing development and in order to fulfill the express goals of the NOFA.

Important Dates

NOFA Issued April 25, 2022
Pre-submission conference via Zoom or MS Teams May 3, 2022
Deadline for questions and requests for additional information May 13, 2022
Proposal Submissions Due May 23, 2022
Notification to Project eams who met submission requirements May 27, 2022
Project team interviews, if necessary Early June, 2022
Announcement of selection of projects Mid-June, 2022
Deadline for objections Late June, 2022


Submittal Documents

More Information

All communications about this NOFA should be directed to mohcdHFOpps@sfgov.org.