Octavia Blvd Parcels R, S, and U RFP

The Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development for the City and County of San Francisco seeks submittals from qualified respondents to develop three City-owned parcels as affordable family rental housing, including units serving formerly homeless transition age youth, and ground floor child care and commercial space (Blocks 0838, Lots 094, 096; Block 0853, Lot 021), commonly known as Octavia Blvd Parcels R, S and U. Respondents to this Request for Proposals ("RFP") must be comprised of the following: a non-profit developer with experience developing affordable housing in San Francisco or a for-profit developer working in partnership with a nonprofit developer, of which one of the joint venture partners must have experience developing affordable housing in San Francisco (the "Developer"); a property manager with experience serving the target population; and a qualified supportive services provider with experience serving the target population. At least one entity of the development team must have demonstrated experience working that directly relates to the development of housing and/or the provision of housing or services to low-income households within an affordable housing setting, and must have demonstrated experience conducting effective community outreach.

All members of the Respondent will be evaluated according to the criteria set for the in the RFP. As detailed there, City requirements will also require selected development teams to, among other things:

  • Integrate and support the various land uses in the area;
  • Reconnect the fabric of the neighborhood, particularly by including a very high level of pedestrian engagement;
  • Serve as an example of thoughtful, creative and excellent architectural design in keeping with the precedent of other developments in the neighborhood;
  • Develop the maximum number of units that do not compromise the livability of the units within the allowable building envelope (including what is allowable using the affordable housing density program) using creative site planning and architectural design;
  • Develop a variety of unit sizes and types;
  • Respond to the human-scale character of the neighborhood by using materials, style and architectural treatments that will provide visually interesting street facades. Provide active ground floor uses immediately accessible from the sidewalk such as ground-floor retail provided by locally-oriented small businesses;
  • Provide strong pedestrian entrances using recessed bays, awnings or other architectural treatments to provide a clear expression of pedestrian entry. Any service and loading access should not be from Octavia Boulevard;
  • Provide on-site supportive services available to all households and school activities and other programming for resident youth

Octavia Blvd Parcels R, S and U are available for affordable housing development as a result of Caltrans transferring the parcels to City control after demolition of the Central Freeway. These are three of the remaining four parcels available for development as affordable housing.

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Week of 1/8/18

Final recommendation to the MOHCD Director from the selection panel is expected


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